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  1. Cue 4 to 5 happen 10 pages apart. The problem shows itself from 13 to 13.5. Tonight is the last performance so won't be able to check it out for some time now. Thanks for looking at it and I'll get back to you at some point.
  2. show file attached. It's the second fade cue that's the problem. (There is a long wait before the 1st fade goes) Moonlight.isf
  3. Thanks. I'm next at the theatre on Monday & will grab the show file then.
  4. I have a cue with general stage lighting plus a set of led bars simulating early morning. The next cue is a cross fade to bright morning on the led bars over 5 minutes. Done manually on the go button the stage stays up and the led bars crossfade colours. Done automatically the whole stage goes dark and comes back over the 5 minutes with the colour fade. Any ideas?
  5. Edward, Thanks, I'll check that next time I'm at the theatre. Jim
  6. Try8ng to create an effect by pushing master playback down & up to flicker the lights but if I go further down than 50% playback switches back to LX1. Any ideas? Jim
  7. Fixed. As there are 2 DMX outputs and we are only using 1 it was trying to mirror DMX 1 o to DMX 2 and this caused the interaction problem. Turned off DMX 2 and all ok.
  8. That was my thought but the patching hasn't been altered. All worked fine before the upgrade! Will send xhowfile when next at the theatre.
  9. Updated to .4 but when loading the last show file there are no descriptions on the cues and stepping through the cues does nothing to the lights but the normal lights through dimmer packs work from the sliders. Also the moving heads don't settle down. Still occasional flashes of colour from them and operating the sliders for the normal dimmer pack lights causes interaction with the moving heads. I've upgraded to .4 but still the same! Any ideas? Jim
  10. Latest update: Found that taking the master playback down to 0 and back up clears it and all required lights come up. Last show of run tonight so will update be t week & report back. Jim
  11. Edward, Programme Time was set to 5. Have cleared it but at every switch on still no output for several minutes and then everything works fine. Hate power cycling because I have to calibrate the monitor again which should be cleared with upgrading the software. After this run I will update the software and see if my 2 problems go away. Regards Jim
  12. Thanks Edward. Planning to upgrade after the current show run finishes. Regards, Jim
  13. Have an FLX S48 with the recommended Iiyama 17" touch screen monitor. It won't work as touch screen unless it's calibrated. After calibration attached a keyboard so I could press the "Enter" key. It then works fine till it desk & monitor are powered off. When it's all powered on I have to go through calibration every time. Any ideas? Regards, Jim
  14. Edward, No, didn't manually release/turn off playback. Will be in touch if it happens again with the show file but it is a very simple one. Thanks, Jim
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