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  1. Hello friends! We have a Musicalshow with 2 DMX Universes: The first universe is for Conventional lights and moving lights, the second is for about 141 RGB Led Bulbs. Everything works fine, but if we start effects over all 140 Led Bulbs (that are 420 DMX Channels) the Console starts to stutter and became slow. The console needs about 5 - 10 secs. to start the next cue. Is it possible that 420 DMX Channels are to much for effects all over (chaser and so on). Now we have reduced the effect onto 100 Led RGB Bulbs (300 Channels) and it works fine. Many greets.
  2. Many thanks! I have now a zero cue and record the submasters in blind mode. Greetz
  3. Hello! Showfile is uploaded. OS Version 18/10/2011 LNX Software Version 7.6.0 Console ser.nr 086502 12410004 Many greetz Dolly 2013 Bp008.isf
  4. Hello friends! For example: we have about 50 cues; now we need a work light on backstage during all these cues. Is there a simple command on the zero88 orbxf desk possible? (like Strand-command: channel number xy update cue 1 through 50). We are using the non tracking modus (in theatre). Many thanks
  5. Ok, many thanks! Now our next problem is, we are in a cue during a general rehearsal. We want to record a submaster with one channel (a moving light for example). But the Submaster records always all channels from the cue (tagged), although we have used the "selected" button in the record window. Greets
  6. Ok, thanks! But is it possible without submasters, just with a channel (a moving light)?
  7. Hello friends! We need a solo function for a moving light. For example we are programming a cue and the stage is bright, now we want to focus a moving light to a special point. Can we darken the stage, focus the moving and go back to our cue? Many thanks!!
  8. It works perfectly!! Many thanx!
  9. Hello friends! I need an easy way (i use non tracking mode) to copy a movinglight from another cue into the live mode. I tried to make it with the palettes, but this is to much complicated, because we do programming in live mode (in general rehearsal for example, i cant go back to another cue). Many thanx!
  10. Hi Jon, Ok we have about 160 RGB Bulbs (Glasson DFS3000RGB), i think this is much work to programm one cue for each bulb, but many thanks yet. Nice geets!
  11. Ok, thanx! I know this way, but i´d searched for an easier solution in the palettes. Many greets!
  12. Hello Friends! I have a ORB XF with 7.6.0 software. How can i create a simple step by step chaser with 10 lights. If i choose the normal chaser in the effect palett with offset, the chase dont works right. (Some lights are flashing together in the effect.) I want: 1. step : 1=100%, all other at zero 2. step: 2=100%, all other at zero 3.step: 3=100%, all other at zero and so on Greets
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