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  1. Hi Keith Many thanks for your quick response. I'll get the serial number on Sunday and message you next week. Thanks again Phil.
  2. Our church purchased three Betapack 3 units about 18 months ago. Until recently they've worked absolutely fine however last week we noticed a problems with channels 1 and 2 on one of the units. When fading up the channels the lamps would suddenly jump to full brightness rather than fading up smoothly. When set to anything less than 100% the lamps would flicker, plus there seemed to be some sort of interference between the two channels - when one channel was faded up it caused the other to flicker for example. I'm fairly certain the fault is with the dimmer rather than the board, infact on one occasion when I had shut the board down before going to turn off the dimmer packs the lamps on one of the faulty channels suddenly randomed flashed on and off! I would be very grateful for any advice. Phil
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