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  1. KasperAdrian

    External Touch Screens

    Someone in here using external touch screens on the Frog 2 Desk???
  2. KasperAdrian

    Clearing desk

    Hi.. I got a strange problem.. When I go into setup and Reset the desk - it resets the desk as it should - deleting all patched fixtures etc. But when i chose Clear ALL - The UDF/UDK's is still "Active" with the red light on... but when i go out of the setup and simply do "DEL UDK 1" etc. it says "UDK 1/1 is not programmed" but why is there still light in the button? The CLEAR button is also active all the time after Ive done a "Clear ALL" in the setup?` Whats the problem?
  3. How do I delete a imported fixture type from the libary on the console?

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