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  1. Emrys

    Convert fixtures

    Many thanks Edward, that does make sense to me now! Emrys
  2. Emrys

    Convert fixtures

    Thanks for the replies. I'm still a bit confused though as, they are not profiles I've created myself and all the fixtures have been in previous libraries so why aren't they in the latest fixture library? Sorry if I'm being a bit dense about this! Emrys
  3. Emrys

    Convert fixtures

    FLX console OS: 7.9.9 I've converted all the fixtures shown in red but, they are still showing as red, is this normal or have I missed doing something? Thanks
  4. Ah got it, thanks Edward
  5. Can you have a touch screen monitor connected via the dvi and an ordinary one via VGA at the same time to a FLX? Thanks
  6. Hi Tyler, many thanks for the profile. Could you explain how to install it into the fixture library on an FLX board please, I can't find anything in the draft copy of the user manual that tells me. Thanks Emrys
  7. Hi, could you provide me with the fixture profile for the Chauvet Hurricane 1800 flex please. ThanksHurricane1800Flex_UM_Rev8_WO.pdf
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