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  1. Hello everyone! I have a problem to my ORB XF is connected with 2 monitor NEC 2190uxp. After recent updates I no longer see the numbers of Submasters on the screen. How can I solve this problem? print screen Thank you in advance.
  2. Mike thanks for help But how then to arrive if I have LED devices with RGB configuration, and head moving with CMY configuration? Constantly to switch? AlexSky
  3. Hi Jon, Whether it is possible to send the changed fixture profiles namely a color profile with CMY to RGB. And I look for fixture for Acme iMove250S and iMove250W (8 and 16 Chn). And also it is possible to ask to find you, briteq mega strobe 1500DMX, Jem AF-1, Antari Z-1200II and Antari HZ-400 Thanks in advance.
  4. Hi all!!! I look for fixture for Briteq LED MEGA BEAM and LED PIXEL BAR RGB Can be to eat alternative? I thank in advance. LED MEGA BEAM.pdf LED PIXEL BAR RGB.pdf
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