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  1. Hi Colin, So sorry about the delay in getting back to you. Unfortunately I'm not sure if the main pcb is affected also sorry. The question about swapping boards and processors would need to be directed to one of the Zero 88 team on here. Kind regards L8
  2. Hi guys, I'm selling off our Fat Frog desk for parts. The processor died on it so we bought a new Solution desk to replace it. It's in good nick considering it's over 10 years old! If anyone is interested please leave a comment here. The best offer gets it. I wanted to give you guys a chance before putting it on eBay. Regards Leighton
  3. Well there is one thing Jon. I know how to lock the whole desk but is there a way to lock access to the desk "Set up" area? We have a few volunteers and on the Fat Frog we could lock them out of this to stop them messing around and we need to do the same on our Solution. Thanks Leighton PS: Say hello to Lorna for me. She was working @ Stage Electrics in Cardiff when we bought our Fat Frog and she was most helpful.
  4. It looks like that's done the trick. I'll test it properly in the week. Thanks Mike.
  5. Thanks Mike I'll try that when the teaching has finished in case I get a blackout.
  6. Morning guys, I'm running the desk live for the first time now and I have an issue. We used to busk it on our fat frog but trying to use the Solution like this is causing us issues. So, on the fat frog we could use the SubMasters to bring in different sets and add extra channel faders to help if something not covered but the SUBMASTER set came up. No problem. On the new Solution if we try this I get this problem... Say the SUBMASTER 1:1 has Channel 1 & 2 at 50% and I need channel 1 to increase to 80%. On the fat frog I would fade up CH 1, fade it back down to 0% and SUBMASTER 1:1 would keep CH1 at 50%. On the solution the moment that CH1 is moved the CLEAR button LED lights. Then when I fade down CH1, SUBMASTER 1:1 doesn't hold CH1 at 50% but CH1 gets removed from the SUBMASTER. Why is this as it is causing us a big issue? Clicking on the CLRAR button to switch it off, all Channels go out!!! HELP!!! Thanks Leighton
  7. This is just a word of thanks to the dedicated Zero 88 Technical Support Team. We had our Fat Frog since 2002 but a few months ago it gave up the ghost. We had over 11 years of trouble free use. I look after our lighting system on a volunteer basis and therefore lack the experience of full time techies. We ordered our replacement Solutions desk a week ago, it arrived Tuesday, I spent 3 hours on it Thursday evening and then 5 hours on it today. I only had to call Tech Supp 3 times but in the end the issues were just minor mistakes I had made. The system is up and running with the Wifi network and iPad & iPhone apps working perfectly. Many thanks to Keith Rodgers for his help. You guys are worth your weight in gold to us volunteers! Many thanks Leighton City Temple Cardiff
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