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  1. pbirkenshaw

    Fat Frog Start Up Problem

    I am using a Fat Frog that has developed a strange problem when it starts up. The desk boots up OK but when start up is delete it goes into the following state: Black out active. Wide mode on. Both LEDs next to the Preset Control button are on (something that should not be possible) External screen locked to memory view. All displays have illumination set to zero so they appear blank. The end result is that the desk is effectively locked and will not do anything; however, it can be unlocked by going through the following process (please don't ask me how I worked this out): Press and hold the Wheel Group button while pressing the Preset Control button. This makes the Preset Control LEDs act normally with only one being on at a time. Switch off black out Leave wide mode on. Press and hold F1 to unlock the external screen. Use superuser to change screen illumination settings. Then the desk operates normally as far as I can tell. What I would really like to know is what is going on so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Just to add an extra level of complication, this issue first appeared a few years ago when I switched the desk from full to partial memory mode. The issue was present until Christmas last year when all of a sudden everything went back to normal for no apparent reason. However, with similar lack of warning or reason, the problem has just reappeared. I have replaced the battery in the desk in case this was the problem but it made no difference. The desk is also running the latest version of the operating system. I look forward to hearing any suggestions! Thanks for your help. Paul

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