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  1. Tempiz


    Hi Paul, thanx for the advice. The switcher you looked at is the right one, was my typo. Also, had a look at the lantern, and it is a NJD chaos 2000 which hasnt got DMX unlike the datamoon as i originally said. Had a chance to have a look while i was sorting out the frog power supply!! Many thanx for your help on this matter. regards, Nick.
  2. Tempiz


    Hi Paul, your reply is spot on to what i'm asking. If the switcher is able to make the decision, then I'm happy. i was just worried that i was doing damage to the fixtures attached to the switcher. The lamps seem to be unreliable, and i was wondering if thats why. The switcher is a NJD SW1000x which is converted to DMX via a analogue to digital pack. As long as this process doesn't impede on the control then i'm happy. many thanx for your help. Nick.
  3. Tempiz


    hi Paul, thanx for your reply. Am a bit gutted as the DMX Controlled switcher and datamoons are installed and patched in. my former colleague had his own fat frog, and assured me this was possible. Unfortunately we've lost contact now so i cant ask him what he did. I seem to remember him talking about htp or ltp settings, but couldnt be sure. Is it not possible then for the fader output to be set to be active at the top of the fader only? Regards Nick.
  4. Tempiz

    Spare Parts

    Hi, i'm trying to get some advice in advance of going to an sos call tomorrow. The fat Frog i installed in a hotel 2 years ago is reportedly not powering up. from what i'm told, the fuse is ok in the plug to the power supply, and the mains outlet its plugged into is ok. there are no lights visible on the desk, and nothing on the screens. Any Ideas guys? Thanx, nick. p.s. I'm now a nurse, and haven't teched since i installed this 2 years ago!
  5. Tempiz


    hi, i installed a fat Frog into a hotel function room 2 years ago. they now want a switcher pack to run disco effects from the desk. cant figure out how to set the faders so that the power doesnt fade, and instead switches the device on at the top of the fader run. Am now a nurse, so havent had to program for 2 years!!! Thanx for your help. p.s. OS is as factory set 2 years ago.
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