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  1. Korghen

    Save problem

    Hi Jon ! Sorry, I just see your message... Yes, still on 4.0 and i tried what you say, but I can't load the recorded showfile on the console, it is failed. I think the desk is too much old, cause now, I have a new problem, when I modify a memory, another memory is modified too. For exemple, I modify the 308 and record it. At the same time the 108 memory is modified like the 308. And when I modify back the 108, the 308 is modified too, like if these two memories are "linked". It not changes fade time, only channels values and not doing that all the time but only on some memories. So I think I will not use anymore this desk, repair it will coast too much than change it. Thanks
  2. Korghen

    Save problem

    Ok, I did a reset desk and I tried to take off and put again the battery, but I still have the same problem. Shows I make are corrupted. Sometimes, recording is failed, and sometimes it is success but file is still 127k. I could notice when recording that there is some rythm on the growing up percent, and all the times, there is a moment who it's going slowly for a short time (for exemple, staying a little bit longer on 39% than other). Sorry if I'm not clear, it's not easy to explain in english for me. What can I do more ?
  3. Korghen

    Save problem

    Hi ! Sorry, didn't saw your e-mail... Yes, it's like corrupted... I don't remember if i already reset the desk, but yes, i will try again and say when it's done. Thank you for your answer Just to know, I changed the battery 2 or 3 years ago, could it come from here ?
  4. Korghen

    Save problem

    Hi Keith ! Did you recieve my e-mail ?
  5. Korghen

    Save problem

    Yes Keith, thanks for your answer, I send you a mail with that all.
  6. Korghen

    Save problem

    Hi, I'm working on Jester 12/24 R1 for some years, and I noticed my backups are wrong, I can't reload shows. Files are 127kb (a good file is 128kb) and when I load on the phantom, there is a lot of mistakes inside the show. When I save, it's success but when I try to load what I saved, it's failed. But I can load from a phantom save file. I tried to upgrade to 4.0, but still the same problem. How can I solve this problem please ? Thanks for your help

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