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  1. Hi, we're now almost 100% sure that its an issue with the demux box - just waiting to swap it out with a new one. Will keep you posted...
  2. Hi, to be honest i didnt notice as I am more than just the lighting operator so also had to worry about stopping the show and getting the cast off stage safely. We have a few LED parcans up and that dmx line is terminated. Am in the process of updating the software this morning - when I turned the board on this morning all of the generic lanterns (everything in universe 1) came on full straight away (as the board was booting) and again I had no control over them - bringing the faders up and down affected the levels in the output window put did not dim the lights on stage...
  3. Hi, had a bit of a problem with my board last night - suddenly during the second cue of the show (a blackout) half of the lanterns came on and I had totally lost control of the board (all faders, grandmaster etc). After a few seconds some of the lanterns started to flash as if they were in a chase. We had no option to stop the show, clear the stage and restart the board after which it was all fine. The board had been on for a few hours as I had been changing a few memories during the afternoon but I had checked through all the cues just before we opened the house (approx 30 mins before the incident happened) and it was all fine. I'm chcking that all the software and everything is up to date this morning but thought i'd ask on here to see if anyone had had the same problem.. thanks in advance
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