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  1. avcottle

    Custom Fixture For Ml48

    Right, managed to sort it! Thanks for all the help thou and sorry to be a pain. Many thanks Adrian
  2. avcottle

    Custom Fixture For Ml48

    Thank you for the reply. I've been trying to programme a fixture but having some issues and cant work it out from the manual. I can do the following no problem. Goto setup Assign Fixture Select a MFK Add fixture Fixture Library Standard Fixture Relay 1 Channel Assign When I then click exit a message comes up saying a DMX patch is required. This is whereI get stuck! I've managed this ok on a Frog 9 desk but it appears to be different to the ML48. The desk seems to want to to select on of the 48 faders? What I want to do it set it up to DMX channel 256, so it doest take up any of the 48 faders, and then be able to control this via one of the wheels. Am I doing something silly or just something beyound the desk? many thanks Adrian
  3. avcottle

    Custom Fixture For Ml48

    Thank you for the reply and help. could you quickly talk me through programming a pair of pallets? Or is it as simple as setting up a fixture as a relay and then programming one of the buttons as 100% to switch the relay on and 0% to switch if off? Thank you again Adrian
  4. avcottle

    Custom Fixture For Ml48

    Sorry to bother you but wondering if anyone can help. I want to produce a custom fixture for my ML48 Jester desk, I've looked though the manual and played about with the type editor but not sure I can do what I want. I have a DMX relay module, so when the set channel goes to 255 it switches on a relay. I would like to design a fixture file which could allocate one of the Multi Function switches to control this. for example 1) When I press the MFS down the set channel goes to 255 and when I release it it goes back to zero. 2) I press one of the MFS to set the channel high and another to set it low. Any more detailed help would be fantastic. Thank you in advance. Adrian
  5. Here's a random question. I have magic Q on my mac and a USB to DMX unit so I can use the mac as a lighting controller. I also have a ML48 and understand you can plug a wing into it on the DMX in. Could I actually use the magic Q software and USB > DMX unit, plugged into the ML48 to give me additional faders and use Magic Q as another wing to the ML48? Look forward to hearing your thoughts and how this could be done. many thanks Adrian
  6. avcottle

    Aux Buttons On The Jester Ml48

    Thanks Jon, thats a great help. I know to stop trying to find out how to programme the aux buttons I've tried to play about with the palettes and will keep playing. Thanks again for your help. Adrian
  7. avcottle

    Jester Chases And Flex Led

    I'm just using the Jester ML48 desk for the first time for a show this week and have a DXM to LED controller, running some RGB flex LED. I've got it working find using a fader each for Red, Green and Blue. Just a few questions if anyone can help 1) I tried setting up a simple fixture for the LED strip, setting the start address of the DMX but this didnt work. I also tryed using the relay fixture, thinking this would switch the colours on and off but again this didnt work. It works fine assigning a fader for each. 2) When I set up a chase can I programme a default speed as it seems to keep the same slow chase setting. Can this be changed and programmed into the submaster chase? 3) When I did set the speed and had the chase programmed to a submaster, I then programmed the submaster into a memory in the show but when I recalled the memory it just stuck on the first chase (green in my case). Any ideas? Sorry for all the questions and thank you in advance for the help. Best Wishes Adrian
  8. Hi, I've just purchased a jester ML48 after using the Frog desks for a few years. A lovely desk! I understand you can programme the AUX buttons - am i correct in saying these are the ones with the LCD display above? Is it possible to set these up so I press one and it sets a DMX channel high to operate a smoke machine etc? Can I also then name them on the LCD display like you can the submasters on the Frog? Many thanks in advance for your time. Adrian

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