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  1. Hello Laubfrosch. Both are on the same IP range and the same subnet. Regardless of whether the iPad has a static IP or receives one from DHCP, the outcome is the same. The console shows that is is 'listening for remote' but no consoles appear in the app.
  2. CTS, thanks for the reply! Just re-read my post and I did not mean to same 'display the same ip address' I meant to say have ip addresses from the same subnet. The ORB is on a statically assigned IP and the iPad is getting a DHCP address from the same scope. From my understanding of the Console App and the desk it is broadcasting using a Bonjour type service but because both nodes are contained within the same VLAN I assumed they would communicate but it appears not. Any advice you can provide is greatly appreciated!
  3. We are trying to connect our ORB to an iOS device via Wireless, but currently not having any luck. Both the console and iPad are connected via the same VLAN to our wireless network and both display the same IP address, however the iPad app does not see the console. We have tried various different settings for the wireless setup but to no avail. Is it possible for the wireless connection to work in this way or do we need to purchase a router purely for use with the console?
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