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  1. The only way I know of would be to factory reset the console and reload your custom fixtures - not an ideal way but it works Regards
  2. Hi You mention this build fixes a couple of bugs in 7.9.2. Will be uploaded into the Legacy folder? If not, what is stable build prior to 7.9.3 that is recommended? Regards Mike
  3. Hiya Just to let you know that although the associated 7.9.3 apps install on an iPhone running 11.2, they cannot be installed on iPads which are running the latest apple 10.3.3 release Regards Mike
  4. Hi I knew in the older builds how to create a topset for dimmers and also how to software swap pan/tilt but where are these features in the 7.9.n builds on a Solution? Many thanks Mike
  5. Hi There is a setting that allows you to do this. Try Settings, System Settings then Page Holdover to Disabled Regards Mike
  6. Hi Jon Am sending a couple of debug files from a Solution console to you via email. The first is from after a desk lock-up due to a power blip. The second is from a process problem during a programming session; I was viewing the Output screen on Desktop 4 Pressed Setup and changed Topset of a couple of channels Pressed Setup to return to normal view Pressed Delete Submaster 1 Console stopped responding to fader/key press/mouse Hope they are of use Regards Mike
  7. Hi The Install Creator should be built in to the executable in the zip file - Have a blank USB drive - Extract the executable from the zip file and run it from a PC (needs Windows 7 or earlier). This will format the USB as bootable and install the console upgrade on it - Plug USB drive in console - Power-up console and install the new OS When installed, future software upgrades will be simpler; - Unzip the new OS and put it in the root folder of a USB drive - Boot the console - Press Setup - Select Load file - Select the new OS executable file and the click Load Hope th
  8. JamesBH There are two ways to load the new OS - the method would depend on the current version of software on the console. The latest method for more recent console releases is the easiest; - Unzip the new OS and put it in the root folder of a USB drive - Boot the console - Press Setup - Select Load file - Select the new OS file and the click Load If you console is pre 7.9 then you may need to; - Have a blank USB drive - Extract and run the executable from a PC (needs Windows 7 or earlier) to format/install the USB as a bootable with installation on it - Plug USB drive in c
  9. A new release is available - I updated my devices last night
  10. I saw this a while back with some LED lights I had. It could be that in the first step, tagged values at 0 do not get recorded into the step. To check, Load 1 MFF and see what is tagged there. Set the lights that are on in the last step of the chase to 0 (and tagged if you are set to record individual colours). Then Update the step. It worked for me Mike
  11. Hi Simon It is a known bug which, I believe, is set to be fixed in a soon to be released console release Regards
  12. The DMX control from computer during console failure was where my understanding lacked. After speaking to Zero88, the DMX output from a computer would need either artnet or sacn interfaces. Artnet interfaces are available in 1, 2 or more universes. Mike
  13. Hi Sven My understanding is that the computer is connected to the same switch/hub as the console. The computer is put into "backup" mode then if the console fails the control of the show is taken over by the computer - no artnet required. I need to understand the definition of "console fail" as the backup computer would need to use the physical console universes? [see page 71 of the Solution User Manual] Jon et-al: Is there a way I can play to further understand this? Mike
  14. Hi I may be mis-reading the thread but it sounds like you have already defined Gobo 1, Gobo 2, etc so therefore each one already exists when you select "Insert". Try selecting each gobo from the table itself, change the image then select "Replace". When finished, save the file and import as normal. Hope that helps Mike
  15. Hi Steve I have had a play with my Solution and IOS 8.2 with ZerOS remote 2.0 on my iPad and can connect Ok. Following an upgrade it is worth checking that the network settings on the console haven't been returned to a default? Regards Mike
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