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  1. Hey guys, Can you make a fixture for these lasers? I have a jesterML24 desk. Thnx in advance! Fixture requests: RF1456RGB laser http://www.rfsystems.nl/gebruiksaanwijzingen/LI125001_NL_.pdf (in dutch, sorry) Ayra Ita Quatro laser see attachment ayra_ita_quatro_rg_dmx_laser_user_manual_v2.pdf
  2. I had the same thing, altough i got an error message 036. I updated the desk again, changed lcd settings and everything was ok
  3. Hey guys, Im currently programming my movers using memories. I made 30 position palettes with my movers standing still (static) and moving (dynamic), using the build in figures of the desk. It is my purpose to easily fade from a static position to a dynamic one, to have a smooth transition between different memories. So my memories are based upon the position palettes with a fade in & out time, and under “special” I switched position from snap to fade(u). I did this for all my memories. So the expected result is a smooth transition going from a static position (movers pointed at d
  4. Hey guys, We recently obtained a jesterML 24 deck and it works really nice. We have updated to v3.3 and we are using fixture library 25. Up till now we have actually only used it in manual mode, but now we are at a stage that we want to program chases. Our basic setup consists of some led pars and some moving lights (scanners). We also have some conventional lights, a strobe and a laser. (for the laser we made our on fixture) We would like to use the build in figures for the moving lights for our chases. As we are primarily working with live acts, we would like to control the speed of the m
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