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  1. hello forum, another and the last of three ORBXF related questions for today. can sb please explain to me, what exactly I can do with the midi-function on the ORBXF. I am interested in triggering cues or playbacks from a nearby computer via midi. greetings, ch.
  2. are you planning on realizing fade curves options for htp/ltp channels? I find this missing on such a big desk like the ORBXF.
  3. hello forum, I managed to connect a simple sustain pedal to the desk (ORBXF) , that now allows me to switch to the next cue.However, I am experiencing an issue that has already been described earlier in another post. When I conected the remote switch the first time, all the dropdown boxes in the zeros-menus wouldnt stay open anymore. So I restartet the desk and that solved it. R-Switch was connected, and menus stayed open. After starting the desk the next day dropdown-menus closed instantly again. As I disconnect the remote switch everything is fine. Dropdown-menus open and stay open until I select something or click off. Unfortunately restarting doesnt fix the issue anymore. I know there is a chance something is wrong with the selfmade plug, but as I say the Remote-Switch itself works fine as a GO-Buton. now, before I go on error hunt cablewise, I wanted to know if this behaviour could be a desk-related thing. greetings, ch.
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