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  1. Dear Zero88 team, Dear Forum members, Tomorrow we are going to run a show using 18 Sunstrips (10 channel dimmers) and 12 LED Bars. (6 RGB segments each) as "pixel effects" To be able to use the effect engine in easy way,I created a fixture file, for the sunstrips with only one brightness parameter. So at the end I have 180 single channel fixtures, LED Bars are patched as 12x6 RGB with virtual intensity. Together with the other stuff (24 Moving Heads, Strobes, Dimmes etc.) there is no more space on the MFK. So I patched the single channel fixtures to MFK, grouped them and moved them to the DMX-IN. After that I added the rest. Everything works as I expect it. Until I load a show or restart the desk, then this message appears: "Unable to Load Fixture File xyz [200], insufficient location" Where xyz is the name of the fixture and [200] is the DMX-in channel How can I get this run and why does this message not appear when patching the fixtures? I attached the file I created so far. Thanks already for your assistance. Best regards Christian Desk: LeapFrog 48 ZerOS: 7.8.0 - latest version Hallowwen14_07_woP.isf
  2. Hi all, Please find attached to fixture files I created as they are not included in the lib. Feel free to use them if required. JB Systems Lounge Laser A simple effect for decoration Stairville HL40 - A flood with 4 colored RS7 lights and a really strange channel assignment LoungeLaser.ift Stairville_HL40.ift
  3. Hi Frank, Das wäre interessant zu wissen - wie der Speed für jeden Submaster individuell per tap/beat taste eingestellt werden kann und... - wie die Effekt geschwindigkeit verändert werden kann ohne auch die anderen Paramter wie Größe etc. zu beinfussen Grüße aus dem Süden der BRD... Christian
  4. Hi all, The winter season starts slowly..... time to remove the dust from the console.... In preparation for that we tested some small, cheap led wash lights. For that I had to create some fixture files. Even if I do not need them anymore, maybe someone else will find them useful. Please find attached to this post a user fixture file I created for some more or less "no name china " led wash lights. Stagg: Head Hunter 20 (14+9ch mode) Briteq: BT-91L3 Isolution: CM90 RGBA Additional there is a fixture file for the Botex SP1500 Strobe, two modes: one "default" and one for the quite common "pimped" once (New firmware, adds a 3rd channel for blinder mode) Fixture_chw_1.ift
  5. This works well, most steps are already mentioned. To get this work take care that: - you have the latest version of the OS (7.6) - the desk is in full "tracking" mode, also the special mfk page "Smart Tag" and "cue only" are disabled - In setup -> Desk Setup -> Behavior -> Keep color parameters seperate is set to YES - during the programming, only the color you want to have is tracked - Setup the submaster (setup+flash button) -> Submaster controls -> enable color - If required adjust the "color fade" time, default are 3 seconds
  6. Hi all, Is there a way to export the patch list for the universes on zerOS? Something like Dmx............fixture number............manufacturer..........type 103..............65..............................Martin.......................mac500 mode4 200..............27..............................generic....................dimmer Normally this list is what is used to set up the desk, but i just had te request to get it out of an existing show file with > 100 fixtures. Was just wondering if there is a way to get this done without copy paste with a pencil and notepad?! Best way would be exporting in a csv format. Trying to export the complete show as csv didn't work, Thanks , regards Christian
  7. Hi, Thanks for the explanation of the ORB XF at the booth in Frankfurt! After the demo in Frankfurt I wanted to play a little with the Phantom OrbXF, but unfortunately I always get the message "Load Fixture Type failed". Please see the attached jpg for details This also appears starting other versions. Curios: It worked before! Ok., I always had the problem that I could not close the application, I had to "kill" it by terminating the process via task manager. I tried a lot to get it run, changed the installation path, run as admin, changed the directory in the settings, reinstalled the application, cleaned the registry (at least what I found) etc. Nothing works. The hardware and software I'm using is a Lenovo Thinkpad T400 with Windows7 32bit, everything with the default MS windows drivers and up-to-date regarding patches etc. Regards Christian PS: I updated the "real" LeapFrog48 yesterday to 7.6 and tested it - without any problems. Runs perfectly.
  8. Are you at the Prolight and Sound in Frankfurt this year? There is nothing published on your website so far?! If yes, is there a chance to meet one of your experts for the ZeroOS Software and the different desks? Mainly I'm interested in everything "bigger" then the LeapFrog48 we're using today. I will be there on Thursday, so if there is a chance for a meeting I would appriciate that. regards Christian
  9. chw

    New release?

    Hi Jon, Thanks for the fast reply. It's the matrix function or however you like to call it. We are using regularly a bunch of LED sticks / bars / cans as background on stage. Not enough that a dedicated pixel mapping media server would make sense, but also too many just to run some simple (=boring) colors or flow patterns. Today I'm programming some kind of those "flow effects" using the effect engine. Of course this solution is working, but if there would be a function to run specific patterns (graphical stuff) life would be much easier. A second thing I'm looking forward to, but not sure if it is in your scope, is to have some kind of "speed master only" at least for the effect section on one of the sub masters. regards Christian
  10. Hi Zero88 team. During this years ProLight&Sound show in Frankfurt you showed a preview or beta version of a new ZeroOS version including some nice new features. Some of the things you showed there could be useful for me for programming some shows next January and February. Do you have already a release date for the new Version? regards Christian
  11. Hello Zero88-support team I'm using the my Leapfrog48 a few years now and I really like it. But the last weeks the desk (OS 7.2) showed a weired behavior - the user interface didn't react anymore. This happened 4 times now - the first two times I thought it is because of the frankly spoken chaotic show file. Lots of fixtures, 4 remote connections, 20 additional submasters over dmx in etc. Yesterday I had almost nothing connected: 4 washlights, 2 strobes, 1 fog machine 2 dimmer channels for generics and 12 led par can fixtures. I reseted the desk before I started and I had only minutes for patching and programming... so no huge show files. A few submasters, the rest was "live" from presets. What happend: The desk was "frozen": Moving faders, pressing all buttons... no reaction, only the submaster pages changed after seconds.... The desk was still sending dmx - but with delays and "glitches". When did it happen: I always edited submaster settings. After a reboot of the desk everything was back to normal. If you are interested in the show files, I can send them to you by email if you wish. The first reason for this post is of course to fix this, the second is that I would like to ask how to have a backup strategy for such cases? I saw there is a backup functionality implemented - how does it work? A few weeks ago as this happened the 2nd time the venue was lit up with lots of led fixtures. (no dmx = no light = a dark venue) Luckily it was during a programming session the evening before. But in this case I had a bad feeling during the complete show. Of course there are emergency lights, but it is no fun to turn on hundreds of neon-tubes and flood lights during a show because we have to reboot the desk....
  12. Hi That's easy. Start the remote then select desktop2. 1. You open the windows you want to appear on that desk (e.g. shift + Position). 2. Press special to get to the special MFKs. There is a button called "screen" (second row). 3. Press this one to send the "actual focused" window to the next desktop, in this case the position pallets. If you press the screen button again, the window is moved from desktop2 to desktop3 and so on....
  13. Hi there, I'm using a LeapFrog48 with an elo 15" touchscreen and two Ipads as remote monitors. This works fine! Actually I'm planning a construction to mount 3 Ipads as monitors on top of the desk. Ipads get "lost" very quickly if people around the FOH can identify them as Ipads.... The desktops for the remote are rendered inside the desk - the remote is transferring image data. On the Ipad2 the resolution of the screens is higher then on the touchscreen connected to the desk. More pallets fit on the same desktop then on the monitor connected to the desk. Of course the buttons are smaller but that would be fine. I also connected different 17, 21 and 24" monitors - but the resolution is always the same. Is there a option to get a higher resolution on the monitor connected to the desk?
  14. Yes you can use both. Artnet is transmitted over Ethernet. Ethernet is the physical layer or interface - Artnet the protocol on top. The Artnet protocol is used to pack DMX data in Ethernet frames. It was developed by Artistic License and published so that it became something like a "open protocol" or standard. Most desk, media servers or visualizers support this protocol. There are lots of nodes available to convert it "back" to RS485 DMX to control fixtures with dmx based on rs485. In your case you simply connect your desk and your computer to a switch (maybe already integrated in the access point). The only thing you should check are the ip addresses, just take care that they are all in the same range. Artnet is fixed to some specific IP nets, but the desk will only offer you those in the setup. So you can use this information to configure your computers network settings. And of course - you can use the DMX outputs and Artnet at the same time. Over Artnet you can output all 4 universes of the desk, in the network setup of the desk you can choose the mapping to Artnet.
  15. Hello, A few minutes ago I installed the new version of ZeroOS 7 on my LeapFrog 48. The the desktops and the filter library are great! Unfortunately it is now impossible to put the groups and effect windows on the screen by pressing (and holding) shift + the groups or effect button. Instead of the effect window the position window appears. It does not work on my Leapfrog and it doesn't work on the Phantom as well. Using the IOS Remote App (IPod touch) it worked - both windows are appearing there. Is it a bug or is there a reason why you removed this feature? Edit: Just figured out that is not that critical as I thought. I still have the option to access the windows by using the path output -> other windows -> Effect or groups.
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