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  1. I am in he middle of teching schools will rock you for opening Wednesday and we are having issues with programming our Kam 1000 3d laser on the solution lighting desk. it seems to be controlled by DMX but when programmed in to cue stacks it holds its information and won't update when it DMX information when changing cues. Eg we have the laser on a green circle (cue 2) for a scene but when moving to a blackout (cue 3) the laser will not change at all. It just stays on!!!! Even when u take the grand master down the laser still stays on! Help! Plase! Dress run tomorrow evening first night Wednesday really wanna get it right! Thanks
  2. I am in the middle of a new install in my schools Auditorium and I have purchased 4 Chauvet Q spot 360s with a new Solution desk but i cant seem to find profiles for these fixtures anywhere. Can anyone please help? Thanks
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