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  1. Hi all, having a issue when creating a chase and I can't remember it ever being an issue before but has started happening and I wondered if anyone can explain why? When programming a chase with either generic dimmers or intelligent fixtures, on playback the desk seems to make the first step a blackout rather than the programmed output. However, when I load the step to check it it loads what I believe I programmed? Am I missing something really obvious? Thanks in advance, Matt
  2. Does anybody have a fixture profile for the American DJ/Elation Event Bar? I've also tried creating a fixture for this in the Fixture Type Editor but am struggling with parameters, when programming channel 2 it is asking for a LSB and a MSB value. I may be missing something really obvious here? I'm tying to get a 25 channel fixture type. Thanks in advance. Matt
  3. Hello, I may be asking a stupid question here and I may be missing something really obvious in the manual. However, I have foolishly deleted all the effects in the desk. Would updating to the newest software reinstall the data I have deleted? Thanks in advance, Matt
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