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  1. MANY thanks Peter..! I will pass this on to my Thai operator, and try it myself on my next visit to Bangkok.. Cheers ChrisP
  2. Peter.. many thanks for the help..! Appreciated. I will TRY to communicate this to my Thai operator (who has the BEST of intentions and attitude.. btw! - but limited English. Is there anyone in Thailand reading this by chance..??!) But, if he does not understand your text.. could you possibly give me a key-stroke-by-keystroke example..? Cheers ChrisP
  3. Hi Paul... I am a theatre designer.. so I probably don't think "BullFrog".. and this particular BullFrog is installed in a Theatre in Bangkok. I know what I want to do is called "tracking" on other desks.. and I know the Bullfrog doesn't do that yet,,, BUT - specifically this is what I am trying to do. It seems (to me) such a simple and common request, but seems to require SUCH a time-consuming operation on the BullFrog desk to make it happen I can't believe there isn't an easier way.. yet no-one can tell me the key-strokes to make it easier.. I have 3 moving lights (and many conventionals..). 1. Imagine a simple existing cue structure of Q1-Q20 where my ML's are used (in some way) in all Q's. 2. In Q3 I want to move my moving lights to a new position, color and gobo, and keep (record) them there through (and including) Q 10. (Then they can go back to the old position/color/gobo). A simple (and common) request of a designer.. yes? (Btw, the cues will always be played back in the order Q1-Q20 for the show, BUT I may want the operator to show me a cue live onstage in any order during a tech rehearsal..) So, Right now this is what happens when I make my request.. The operator bring up Q3 onstage, changes the various multiple parameters of the 3 ML's to the new "look" I want, then "records" the new look for Q3 (or whatever "record" is called on the BullFrog). Then he calls up Q4 on stage (whence all the ML's move back to their OLD position/color/gobo..) Then he has to key in all the new numerical parameters/values of the moving lights AGAIN that I asked for when I modified Q3 (assuming he can remember exactly what they were), and finally "records" Q4.. and so on.. and so on.. to Q10. You can only imagine how long this takes... PLEASE tell me there's a quicker/easier way.. before I slit my wrists waiting for this to happen.. :-) Btw, I used to live in Wales.. and visited Cwmbran.. years ago! Cheers ChrisP
  4. Paul.. Thanks. I think I understand that the board will only update tagged items.. but how can you HOLD those tagged items thru a range of cues and record them in..? ChrisP
  5. Does this mean that the LTP (which I guess means Latest Takes Precedence) parameters will stay put (captured), even when he brings the next cue onstage..? Could you maybe tell me the button-pushing steps to do an example of what you mean..? Sorry to sound thick, but I'm not a console operator, but I may have to explain it to one... ChrisP
  6. Thanks.. I'm honestly not "yelling".. and I did post a question in another part of the Forum. I'm just expressing that for theatre people, it seems like a very strange desk.. I thought Zero88 should know that. And, I was unsure who the "target market" really was..? ChrisP
  7. Hi.. I'm not a novice lighting designer - been doing it for 30 years - and originally started in the UK (now in the USA). I started on the first Rank Strand Computer Desk at the Royal Shakespeare Theatre in 1976 - the Strand DDM, then went through the Strand Galaxy range.. etc. But I have to say that your Frog Desk (BullFrog) is the most confusing desk I've ever come across, or tried to understand the structure of. I feel like I'm trying to learn a strange new foreign language. Maybe it's because I'm from the world of Theatre..?? I know how to program several ETC desks, and the Strand series.. but your seems like it came from another planet! I cannot be the only person that feels this way... What/who were these desks originally aimed at..? Moving-Light programmers.. who are used to the Hog series..?? I read that they are "simple" and can be used in schools. I find that hard to believe... there are SO many commands and esoteric terms that a Layman/schoolboy cannot possibly understand.. If you're going to make a desk this complex, you need a better step-by-step manual - and yes, I did download the BullFrog Manual. Chris Parry Lighting Designer San Diego, USA
  8. Hi.. I'm an American working in Bangkok ian a small theatre with a BullFrog Desk. The operator is Thai and speaks little English, I'm English and speak little Thai. Add that to the fact that I've never worked on a Zero88 Bullforg desk before.. (I'm used to Obsession and Strnd Theatre Desks..) and you can imagine the problems.. :cry: I want to do something simple (to me) but the operator seems to be making it so difficult... and I don't know any other way.. (We are running 2 moving lights and the rest are conventionals..) Imagine a simple cue structure of Q1-Q20. In Q3 I want to move my moving lights to a new position and color, and keep them there through (and including) Q 10. (Then they can go back to the old position/color). How can I "capture" those new ML values, and put them into Q3-Q10. I know the desk will not "Record to Track". It seems to be of the "Cue Only" system. Right now the operator records the new look for Q3. The he calls up Q4 on stage (whence the ML's move back to their old settings..) then he keys in all the new values AGAIN, and finally records Q4.. and so on.. and so on.. to Q10. You can imagine how long THIS takes!! There MUST be a quicker/easier way. Please, tell me what it is, (in words of one syllable please), and just maybe I can tell him. Chris Parry LD
  9. Ok.. I'm used to the ETC Obsession consoles, and when you make changes to a Cue state you can basically push a button that says: "Record to Track" or "Record Cue Only" Seems simple enough.. but is that possible on the Frog system..? ChrisP
  10. I am using a Bull-Frog in Bangkok with a Thai operator - who speaks little English..! (and I speak little Thai..!) I want to make channel changes (to either dimmer channels or DMX control chans of moving lights.. and have them "track" thru a range of cues - not just in one cue (Cue Only - USA-speak). Can anyone tell me how to "Record to Track" as we say in the USA..? and not just "Record Cue Only"... Thanks Chris Parry 310-927-8586 mobile USA
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