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  1. smcalister

    Step based Effect

    Hi Jon Is there a way to create a custom effect so i dont have to swap cue stacks Many Thanks Sandy McAlister
  2. smcalister

    Step based Effect

    Hi, Was wondering if there is a way to create a step based effect to create for example a flicker effect Many Thanks Sandy McAlister
  3. smcalister

    Firmware Upgrade

    well where do you find the Firmware upgrade as when I power up the orb xf it asks would i like to update firmware and when you click yes it goes into a endless loop looking for the update which cant be found?
  4. smcalister

    Firmware Upgrade

    How do you upgrade the Firmware if there is no Internet connection?
  5. smcalister

    LED Par 64 Q4-12

    In the new fixture file the fixture LED Par 64 Q4-12 doesn't work properly it works they you have to have the colour you want off and the other two on For example you have to have green off and, red and blue on to get green can someone look into fixing this Sandy
  6. smcalister

    Zeros remote for ipad not working

    Hi I have a orb xf and the remote for the laptop is working but when i try to access it through the ipad it just comes up connection failed. do you have any suggestions on how to make the ipad work. Sandy
  7. Does anyone have a fixture file for Showtec Phantom 50 LED Spot? 13 channel Mode Sandy

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