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  1. Andrew06

    Update Software

    Hi Franck, I sent you email with two shows. I hope that you got the email. Thanks, Andrew
  2. Andrew06

    Update Software

    Hello, I tried it yesterday and it was same. And I have current version of PC Editor. I loaded show to PC editor, saved it back on USB Stick and when I wanted to load show to Jester it did not work and jumped to Preset Mode again. This weekend I did three days light show for dance festival with new software version 3.3 and I tried to load show from this festival to PC Editor and it was same as in Jester. It did not work and jumped to Preset Mode. When I load show (in PC editor) that was saved with software version 3.1, it is without problem. Do you understand me? I do not know how to say it. I am from Czech rep. and I can not speak English very well. Thank you very much for you help. I am very glad that you try to help me. Andrew
  3. Andrew06

    Update Software

    Hi Franck, yes, I made a reset of the console after this and it was same. Next day I tried to upgrade software one more time and all was OK. Software was upgraded without problem. I only can not load old show which I save with software version 3.1. When I want to load old show, it do not work and jump to Preset Mode. Andrew
  4. Andrew06

    Update Software

    Hello, I am sorry for my bad English. I could not find an answer to my question. I have Zero88 Jester ML24. It had software version 3.1 and I upgraded software to version 3.3. After this, lighting desk wrote Bad Dimensioning and some Error. All desk was clean, I do not have any fixtures, shows etc. When I wanted to switch in setup Assign fixture, it wrote me "Out of Memory". When I wanted load old show, it did not work and jumped to Preset Mode. Do you know where I can find software version 3.1 or how solve this problem? Please, help me. The lighting desk have to be ready as soon as possible. Andrew

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