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  1. Its running 7.7. Yeah, the company has two LeapFrog48 and one Solution while I also own one LF48, so Im just posting everything on here as its more active group I think. Afterall they're the same, right? As for error, what could be causing this ports to timeout? Ansd what leads to the booting into linux bash (with youe background set) leaving command line prompting to login?
  2. Hi all. After a while, its frog issues dealing time again. Today I've came across an issue with ZerOS loading screen, after which I've got linux bash screen instead of initializer, leaving me with some errors with not finding some files, leaving me with "zero88 login#". If I write "root" and press enter, it says Im logged in as root at "ttty" if I remember correctly... any way to debug/solve this? Another issue that happened a while ago to my collegue that was using the desk was with some ports at initialization not being found, (it took few minutes before timing out all of them)
  3. Thats cool!!! One more thing, since we're speaking: Is a PhantomZeros still locked to dongle to output artnet? and if so, where are dongles available to purchase and what's the (approx) price? It's not anywhere on the web... ?
  4. Ah... Too bad.. Will FLX wing have more than 10 faders? And, will it be portable to other consoles as well..?
  5. Oh, all right! I believe I missed the work "simultaneously" in there, correct?
  6. I still wonder -> any other, or "just" the playback wing? It's the wing actually, or sometimes just the connection (LAN) cable. This wasn't an issue at older zeros versions, but isn't such a big deal. The thing is, that with LAN cable connected and console turned, on, the wing stays with both 7 segs set to "88", and doesn't initialize all the way (as it seems). So my guess is that either the connection is blocking the initialization, or there could be something wrong with the wing. (It boots up normally without LAN cable...) Sometimes pressing the Up/Down button on the console (
  7. Thanks for the link and confirmation, @keredyelesob. Though, Jon there wrote that the external screen has 2 limited layouts due to the fact that "everything else is accessible via internal screen". If DMX window is completely gone, than that is really a bid down vote for the FLX console! :/ Also, I don't quite get the sentence: There are 241 playbacks on the FLX- that's significantly more than the Solution (technically an increase of 24000%!!!). Anyone dare to comment what this means? How is 241 24000% more than on the solution? AFAIK, solution has 200 subs + 1000 memories. Aren't t
  8. Well, if this is true, than it is a step backwards and a disappointment. I can't imagine having my console without the actual dmx output window (not program output, but rather full universe view). Maybe @Jon could comment on this one... ?
  9. Isn't ZeroWire something completely different....? Under wings - Yes, I have it enabled. I'm using my Playback wing just fine (well, almost. It needs several reboots to actually connect with the desk sometimes, depends on the day... )
  10. I'm glad I helped. Are you looking on the internal LCD? If it's ZerOS, I'm pretty sure there is, but it's most probably only visible on the external display though. Don't take me for granted, as I don't have one sitting in front of me, so I'm only speaking from my knowledge generally about ZerOS software...
  11. Speaking of which - are any other wings rather than the Playback able to connect to console? As far as I've tried, the enttec's programming and shortcut wing did not get detected by zeros. Is there any info of all available wings?
  12. Are you actually outputting something / looking at DMX output window, or just on the wheel screens? Is it possible, that the wheel screens are showing just the first fixture's value, and therefore seems "locked", while other fixtures actually do get the change...? You could see this in DMX Output window... I'm not currently at the desk, but will check later if the screens keeps only first fixure's level, and therefore seems "locked" in Fan-First mode... Or else, try setting to Fan-Middle mode, and see what that shows you on screen... In "Fan first" mode, the first fixture does not g
  13. Could I be right that this is the Wheel mode fan setting...? I used to have similar issue just a couple of weeks ago on Solution, where I found out that in [setup+Effects] I had Shifted wheel mode set wrong. Try to see what you have set up at Normal wheel mode, and what on Shifted wheel mode. Hope this helps...
  14. +1 for the Beta. HTC One M7, HTC One M8, Google Nexus 7 tablet and possibly Lenovo Yoga tablet 2 pro available for tryouts...
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