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  1. I've got a ml24 out of order since a long time,I bought boards 12-159-99,11-750-99,12-151-99 Unforttunately when i connected the all only background light on set up program run led does not light.
  2. But does your company provide this emulator and what's the price
  3. I would like to load the bull frog with new release but cannot do so as the floppy drive is out of order and cannot get a replace can anybody help pse
  4. ZERO88 jesterml24 qty 2 1.sno. 0011400 08100003(good one only some switches stuck on use) 2.sno. 0011400 07490024(all LEDs on no display )
  5. 1.I tried to do as you said using the instruction on the link you gave,for info the console is still not displaying anything on the LCD screen all LEDs are on.I removed the internal battery and insert it againSituation still the same i.e all LEDs on. 2. Another ML24 console a good one has the shift switch stuck and we have to give small taps on it several times for it to work.Can I change the switch,if yes can you give me the description of the switch so that I can buy one pse. Thanks
  6. How to do a full reset of the console
  7. LCD only background light on no message
  8. I,ve got a jester ml24 to repair.All LEDs light up when switched on pse help.
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