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  1. Hi, I thought it would be very handy if the iPad-Remote could give also access to the Faders and Special Keys as similar to the iPhone-Remote. The Window-View is really cool, but sometimes i relly miss the abilities of the iPhone-Remote when using the iPad as controlling Faders and Submasters. The Front-Panel-View is very hard to use as the faders are tiny and hard to target, so giving the same controls as on iPhone would really help a lot! And just an additional point: It is not possible to unlock the desk with the iPhone-Remote as one cannot enter the lock-code, that would be really nice t
  2. Have you tried to import your Fixture File (.ift i think) from your Fat Frog into the Solution? If it worked on the Frog, I think it shoud work on Solution, too. At least we did so when not all of our fixtures were included in the Common Fixture Linrary (now they are - thanks Zero88!)
  3. Works perfectly, the password-input comes up correctly, and also without password no problem. Thanks and best regards
  4. Hi Jon, I can also confirm this problem when a password is set on the desk. I tried it several times in the last months using the latest Windows Remote Monitor software from the download area and using several versions (stable and beta) of 7.6 on the desk. When a remote password is set on the desk, the Windows Remote will not connect saying "Password Invalid" while never giving an option to enter the password. Best regards
  5. Jon, thanks again for your quick replies! As a second step, it would be great if these command-syntax could support an additional TIME or FADE-command, like GO X.Y FADE 3.0 or something like that in order to use the same chasers in different scenes with different timing; i don't know if the ORB currently supports that? In general, we would really appreciate if at least the Solution XL would come closer to the ORB concerning some programming features. Originally, we also had a look at the ORB, but as sometimes external productions also use our consoles, we needed that amount of faders to h
  6. Thanks for your quick reply, Jon! I think i will continue doing those submaster links via macro, as almost all of the 96 channels are used on the desk. Can you in addition say if there is any plan to implement those commands similar to the ORB in later releases? and - as my last question at the moment - do you have any idea concerning my prior question about the fixture levels window? Thanks & best regards from Germany
  7. Hello again, as this question is about a very different topic, I thought it would be best to open a second Topic, I hope it's ok Does the Solution offer a way to control Chasers / Cue Stacks programmed to Submaster faders in a Macro? I am thinking of something I think the ORB offers, like "GO X.Y" or "OFF / Release X.Y"? I want to link some submasters containing chasers to a Cue stack in order to prevent tracking problems and being able to re-use the same chasers at different points in the Cue Stack. At the moment, I setup the submaster flash button to Latch and record a Macro conta
  8. Hi, is there a way to edit a chase in the "Fixture Levels"-Window? After programming a chase, it only appears as one line, so I cannot edit single steps and remove values to achieve tracking for those channels. Therefore, a view where every step appears as a single line in the Fixture Levels Window would be very helpful; or is there any other easy way to add or remove channels from tracking in chasers? And, as an additional point: Is there any key combination to open this little dropdown-menu on a cell in the Fixture Levels Window? at the moment, I can only do this by connecting a mous
  9. As you said, the Leap Frog 48/96 and Solution /XL are identical besides the design, so does this mean every upcoming update for the Solution will also be published for the Leap Frog at the same time? So regardless of which desk I'm going to buy, will I be able to receive every update? Or are the Solution and Leap Frog series planned to be split for marketing reasons or whatever, so Leap Frog users would only be able to receive bugfixes while Solution users also get additional features in the future? Thanks
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