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  1. Hi, I'm in the process of evaluating a replacement for the Arri Image in our theatre. So far I have a couple of questions on the Illusion 500: - On the Arri, there are 2 playbacks (as opposed to the Illusion having 1). In some shows I would have one playback running an extremely long transition (say a 40 minute sunset on the cyc, viewed through patio doors and windows), while the other playback would be running several lighting changes (interior lights being turned on/off, etc.). How would you suggest this scenario be approached on the Illusion 500 ?? - With regard to moving light support. What approach would you suggest to pre-position a movers position, color, etc. prior to bringing up its intensity ?? Is there some function option like "move while dark", or would I manually program the movers position, etc into the previous cue (memory) ?? Regards, Paul.

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