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  1. Hello all! At a New Year's Eve party I had an other problem with the programming of a chaser: It should be a simple four-step-chaser for generic PAR-lights at a memory. But my colleague and me had no chance to create it correctly. Every time it lost its content of the first two steps. The steps were only dark, but the other two steps looked like programmed. We tried on and on, on different ways, switch the desk off and on, nothing worked. After downgrading from OS 10.8 to 10.4 the problem was fixed and the chaser worked correctly. Does someone know this problem allready? Dietmar
  2. Hello simploerob! I work with a computer with two monitors, one 17" main monitor and an older 15" as the second. Not only for the PhantomFrog but also for the work with other programms, having one program (for example "MS-Word") on the main screen and an internet browser on the second screen. And the 15" monitor is also (via a switch) the main monitor of my laptop-dockingstation. In my oppinion it is very usefull to work that way.
  3. Transalp


    Hello Paul, at the poll you posted the cost in £ but what is it in €?
  4. Thanks, K-Nine, for your hint to correct the DMX allocate value manualy. Will the non-automatic recalculation be changed in an upgrade of the UFTE in the future?
  5. Hi to all! Actually I noticed something curious when creating a special fixture file: I had reworked some old Amptown PosiSpots to listen via a D/A-changer to the commands of my LeapFrog, therefore I needed a special fixture file. I took the ACC PosiSpot from the library and deleted the colour parameter, because my PosiSpots have only Pan, Tilt and Dimmer. The new file displayed correctly "3 Parameters". But as I loaded it into the Frog, assigned it to the fixture buttons and made the DMX-patching, all PosiSpots got four DMX-adresses and not three as required! Then I created my own fixtu
  6. Hi dgibaud! I can help you with the manual of the Lightmaster XL (and also on demand the XLS): You can also find it at http://support.zero88.com/main/en/product/58
  7. Hello Kresten, but what about the channel fader you will loose? On the BullFrog it may work with 48 channels. But 24 channels on FatFrog or LeapFrog might be not much enough. I work with a LeapFrog and often I need more than 24 channels.
  8. Hello to all! Yesterday I tried again the F2-error to come up. I programmed dozens of memeories, submasters and palettes in many different ways, but curiously nothing bad happend. In between I switched into "Super User" and changed some desk setups but the naming function didn't fail. Except one time as I used the F1-button to freeze the palette-screen (as I described earlier). After switching the power off and on again I repeated all steps as before but --> nothing. The failure did not appear again. It is very strange to me. Is it possible that it has something to do with an overflow
  9. Hello Paul. I forgot to write that not all parameters show "---". The ones that were tagged before the programming show the current DMX-value, only the untagged (before pressing "wheel group" + "programm") parameters remain at "---". And in normal case you get the "---" for an untagged parameter on the display only in that moment when "wheel group" is pressed. If you release the button the actual DMX-value is displayed again.
  10. If using the wheel-control button to programm all parameters of the fixtures -- either tagged or untagged -- to a sub or mem the "---"signs for untagged parameters remain in the display, when the wheel-control is released.
  11. Another solution: try to unzip direct to the floppy at a: That way I could upgrade successfully.
  12. Hello to all! Now I can tell you more about the F2-failure. I did the programming of single subs, mems and palettes and naming them without problems for a while. Then I pressed the F1 button for locking the palettes-screen because I wanted to programm one position-palette after another. As I wanted to give the first palette a name the desk accepted all commands but not the typing of the letters on the external keyboard. The selection of letters with the + and - keys worked. That way not only at the palettes but (after release the F1 lock-function) also at the memories and submasters. Also
  13. Hello Paul! In OS 9.6 und 9.8 I already had some times that my LeapFrog hung up when naming the memories, subs or palettes. And not only the external keyboard did not work but also the function of the faders and wheels failed. Tomorrow I have to programm a show for the weekend, so I make a test what exactly will happen at OS 10.4 when using the naming function.
  14. Hi Gary! Hello K-Nine! I noticed the same thing at a work last weekend. After programming a while the naming function suddenly failed. Switching off an on again fixed the problem. What happend directly before the function hung up I can not retrace but I will investigate that problem further on.
  15. I agree, I just so prefer to use the latest upgrades. But I am not so often at the forum, so sometimes I get knowledge about the publishing of upgrades a little late. The fixture library I had in use was V.15, didn' know that V.16 was out. Is it possible to get info about upgrades via e-mail (newsletter)?
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