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  1. Hi everone, - I changed the intern batt - reset the desk to default - install the new software program mode in partial and then just a question of tagging and untagging the fixture when creating scenes and chases. Thanks for the support, you was a great help.
  2. Hi Frank, Thank you for the support. Try to update the desk: I reboot the desk with the floppy in and the OS copy on it. desk reboot and os is loading then this message: Desk ID is Invalid Serial number not recognized Startup halted I also downloaded the manual and will be busy with it tonight.
  3. SN: 0073901 XXXXXXXX SW: 10.4.1 BIOS: 5.3.1 I try both, full and partial. When i put different data form different fixtures, under different SX or Submasters each time i change the SX or Submaster output the previous output goes to zero. The config of the desk is for the rest default but i also played around with different setting but no success.
  4. Hey, I recently purchase a second hand Frog Mamba desk. I will use this desk for school gigs. I already programmed scenes en chases under the faders and the SX bottons. I would like to control the lights by opening one fader and adding other faders and SX buttons. Now when i want to do this only the last activated chase, scene is outputting. Can this desk do this and if yes how. I guess it has something to do with the LPT and HTP settings. But I cant find much info in the manual. Desk configuration is mainly default. I other problem i have. When I set the time/date after rebooting the desk time and date are lost. Battery check says OK Thanks, Martin
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