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    Error 038

    Thank you, Jon. No, it's not stopping us in doing anything. As I said, switching to Program Mode and back usually solves the problem. But it happes quite a lot in mistyping, which happens usually when typing fast while not looking at the keyboard. So no, we don't need that particular syntax, but we still encounter the error quite often. And if I recall correctly, this wasn't an issue with previous OS versions. At least we've seen it only after upgrading. Sebastian
  2. Sir B.

    Error 038

    We are using a Jester TLXtra. Since upgrading the desk to OS 4.1, I frequently run across what might be a software problem. In Run Mode, manually setting a channel to the desired percentage, immediately following typing a dot (.) produces "Error 038. Bad Numeric Mode Set. Data 32 Count 001". After acknowledging with OK, the screen produces messy output, i.e. is not properly redrawn until switching into Program-Mode and back. I can reliably reproduce the error on the desk and in Phantom Jester by entering (e.g.) "20@@." in Run Mode. Is there anything we can do on our end? Best regards, Sebastian
  3. Sir B.

    Cannot load shows into Phantom Jester

    OK, I just sent you an email. Thank you, I appreciate it.
  4. Just this week, we started using a Jester TLXtra desk, and I have programmed a whole show with it. However, when I try to load the saved file from the desk into phantom jester, it won't load properly. The Memory list shows some weired characters, and when I close Phantom Jester and reopen it, I get this error message: Error 007 Bad ChannelSize Data 0 Count 029 Reseting the desk (Phantom Jester) in superuser and trying again didn't help much. This has happened with two different files saved to different thumbdrives. Just to be on the save side, I'd rather not try to load these files back into the desk. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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