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  1. If you'd had cue 42 live and added the foh and recorded cue 43 would that have worked?
  2. That's the one, thanks!!
  3. Ok checked programme timer under the z key and it says 5 secs but it still snaps the colour when I select a pallet. Am I doing something wrong?
  4. Great. Thanks both
  5. Is there a way of putting a time on the colour palette so that it fades rather than snaps when using it live?
  6. Is it possible to replace the MCB’s on the betspack 4 with rcbo so I can feed the rack with an mcb and any fault will trip just the faulty circuit rather than the entire rack? being an outdoor venue gives us a little problem with rain!! thanks
  7. SimonH


  8. SimonH


    I should know this and can’t find in the manual either but can someone please remind me of how to delay either the up or down part of a cue please? thanks.
  9. SimonH


    Brilliant thank you.
  10. SimonH


    Thanks both. So if I do the following: use RDM to patch all my fixtures disconnect from console start a new show file reconnect to console and allow to discover all fixtures as set store this as my base file after visiting company has left reattach my console with base file loaded and press revert rig. Will this re-patch my fixtures to how they were?
  11. SimonH


    ok thanks for that Edward. Disappointing as it means if a visiting company comes in and changes the mode and address of each fixture I will have to remap everything to get it up and running again. It would be useful to have a similar function to a lot of audio kit in that you can select "update from or to a device"
  12. SimonH


    Morning all, Just configuring our rig to use RDM and I was just checking that when a show is saved it keeps a record of the RDM ref in relation to the fixture settings? So if I recall a show the fixtures will all be set up correctly?
  13. SimonH

    Betapack 4

    Hi all, could someone give me an idiots guide to using the betapack 4 please? Assuming its still just 6 dmx channels but do you have to change to dimming law if using the hot power and then change back if using the dimmer? Thanks
  14. SimonH


    Perfect thanks.
  15. SimonH


    Thanks Jon. A bit confused by the “next/previous is holding shift whilst pressing next/previous”
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