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  1. HI, Please would it be possible to add this unit http://www.ac-et.com/lighting/products/prolights/led/par_68/prolights-12x10w-rgbw--fc-cob-cree-projector-hd-dimming.asp#Specifications to the next fixture library. Afraid the manual is too large to send as an attachment, but can be found at http://www.musiclights.it/download.php?id=2603 Many thanks! Ian
  2. Yep, terminators all round, apols for omitting that. Jon, think we have a viable work round now, and am in tech week, so unless it reoccurs will have to leave it until I can next draw breath - probably in early 2016. Will hope to be able to revisit this under less pressured circumstances. Thanks for your help and patience so far.
  3. Sorry, Jon, wasn't clear, that last post was indeed having patched a standard dimmer, and that was me attempting to describe the results. I could be missing something, but if this summary is accurate- the fault follows the addressing, and the fixtures only misbehave within a certain number range Any of the fixtures can me made to misbehave by numbering them to that range All of them behave fine outside of that range - I can't see how that would be a fixture fault - particularly as we're talking fixtures from 2 different manufacturers?
  4. Hi Jon, there was indeed a lot of flickering but nothing that looked like a clean fade at all.
  5. Hi Jon, yep, have done that too, and the result was highly erratic, to say the least. Also to add that I took the output direct from the back of the desk to the Showtec fixtures, and the behaviour was the same, so I don't think it's a DMX distribution problem. Any thoughts on why I'm not being allowed to upload the debug report?
  6. Further update: the problem seems to be within a range of DMX channels from 207 to 210. I'll explain my fault-finding and see if you agree with me. Both the Chauvets and the Showtecs are in 13- channel mode. In any start address between 194 and 210, they misbehave, although the nature of the misbehaviour changes according to the start address. When we started from 193 or 211, all was fine. We could export that misbehaviour to every one of the spot fixtures by setting it to a start address within the range 194 - 210.
  7. Current show.isf Hi Jon, we set the DMX address of the Showtec unit which failed this morning back to the where it failed - and it failed again. We then reset its partner to the same address and it failed also. I don't know if it's connected, but the desk did crash once while we were rebooting. I've attached a showfile and the debug report from that crash. *EDIT* re the debug report, it's telling me "You aren't permitted to upload this kind of file" ??
  8. Hi Jon, the difficulty is that it's not the same fixtures. One of the Showtecs which didn't respond yesterday is behaving perfectly today: its partner, which behaved perfectly yesterday failed today. Ditto with the Chauvet that failed today, we had no issue with it yesterday. And they fix immediately by changing the DMX. It's worth mentioning that we also have some iSolutions Splendor 36 moving head LEDs, with which we havent had any issues so far. Changing to the faulty DMX isn't something we've tried (d'oh!) but will do next time we encounter this. We're just running through a sequence of restarts to see if the problem reoccurs, and how often. As far as I'm aware, we haven't yet had an instance of a fixture ceasing to respond once it has been working properly, it seems to be at start-up Afraid we don't have a DMX tester...
  9. We're having issues with our desk, in that various of our fixtures stop responding intermittently. In the rig, we have 4 Chauvet Intimidator 250 spots, and 2 Showtec Phantom 50s. So far, we've had 1 of the Chauvets and both of the Showtecs stop responding. They're both receiving good data: when we then set them to the same address as the neighbouring fixture, they behave perfectly. It appears to us to be an issue with the desk's patching: chaing the DMX address by as little as 1 seems to fix the problem. But the problem has reoccurred this morning, and we can't afford to be getting the Genie out every morning before the first show of the day! Any thoughts? We're running 7.8.5 installed yesterday, but we have had this problem in earlier shows.
  10. When changing pages, it would be great if there was a way to give a visual indication of which faders are out of position, and which way they need to go to 'collect' their playback for that page. (I seem to remember that the Leapfrog at least gave an indication, although not necessarily a directional one...?) Any updates on ETAs for the fader wing and a manual?
  11. HPCTechnical

    Fader wing

    Any word on when the fader wings might start shipping? Also, any thoughts about a date for a manual? Cheers,
  12. HPCTechnical

    Fader wing

    Hi, we are now the proud owners of an FLX, and have to say that first impressions are very favourable indeed! We have also ordered a wing, but I gather there is a small lead time on these. So, one question: is there any way to use a wing from an ETC Congo junior in the meantime? It does run on USB, but of course the Congo is a Windows-based desk, so I'm not expecting a positive answer, but figured it was worth asking anyway... Cheers,
  13. HPCTechnical

    Chilli HF

    Many thanks, Jon, your help much appreciated
  14. HPCTechnical

    Chilli HF

    Thanks Jon, We only need one channel of swtiched output for the LEDs, and the waste of the 7 other channels (we have 2 x 4-channel HF racks) offends me! If I were to swap them for i variants, is there a single channel product you do that would work with ChilliNet and DMX, or would it be a cse of reusing one of the Chilli 4s?
  15. HPCTechnical

    Chilli HF

    Hi, is it possible to use Chilli HF dimmers in 'mixed' formation - specifically, on a 4-channel dimmer, using one channel as a switch for non-dimmable LEDs, and the remaining 3 channels as conventional dimmers for tungsten sources? Cheers,
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