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  1. dogcop


    hi there is there any update on USB retro fits on the frogs. We now own 2 of the desks in our church and there are few floppys now out there ??
  2. Hi Peter I have now mangaged to solve the problem Normally when I run subs, i just press the button underneath the fader hence the no chase!!! Push up the fader and voila - mucho embarresssment note to self - try the leedin obvious first !!!! thanks for your time tho' Andy
  3. Hi there I have a sunstrip active- basically 10 halogen blinder effect in one. I have created a chase whereby 1st 2 lights come on, then off and 3rd and 4th come on etc etc - and this chase runs ad infinitum. When i run it from the memory stack it works every time. I have transferred it to the submasters and tried both with and without time. However every time I run the chase from a sub the 1st 2 lights come on and thats it - no chase I go back to memory stack again and all works fine Any ideas ???? Andy
  4. H there I have just got my hands on this smoke machine and I have a dmx remote for it What is the best way of controlling it by the fat frog. My idea is to take channel 47 + 48 of the generics and use the faders to control smoke output duration and quantity. Is this generally considered the best way or has anyone got any better suggestions tvm Andy
  5. I knew it was possible - just couldn't find it and now I know why :oops: JUst to comfirm if my fixture rig is something like:- x x y y I wish to invert fixtures "Y" when I go to the superuser section. Is there a process which I have to select the fixtures I wish to invert first or is this automatically part of the process. Also does it automatically invert "tilt" as well as "pan". BAsically I would want fixtures "Y" only to invert pan and not tilt. hope this makes sense kind regards Andy
  6. I've tried reading the manual and a search and cannot find anything specifiic to my question. Is it possible to invert pan / tilt to a fixture direct from the fat frog desk or does it have to be changed directly at the fixture. Probably a really easy answer but I couldn't find it many thanks Andy
  7. bizarre, happened to me at the weekend - Merrily programming away and then it stopped. Reset the desk and voila naming available
  8. Hi this is happening to me on my palletttes as well. Sorry PAul I don't really understand your work around - obviously a bit thick on my part. Basically on my position pallettes they read - all up, all down, x cross, horizontal etc. When i booted the machine half were missing. Version 10.0. How do I get them back on the monitor without re writing thanks Andy
  9. Thanks K9 I have noticed that when I move the wheel these numbers on the FIX BR line change appropriately on the monitor. However the LCD screen remains constant at 100% and the fixtures remain 100% brightness and that is not moving in any way shape or form when I press the brightness button and move the wheel. Another example is that when I switch the desk on I can turn every fixture to darkness by going to memory -- I can then control the pearl rivers and bring them up to 100% no problem. However once I have programmed the memory with the lights on then I have no control over the dimmers. If you think that your previous post is probably the answer - how do I change it. I am also running another make of movers from the desk and this has a dimmer function and this seems to work ok. really confusing cheers Andy
  10. I seem to be billy no brain of the forum as I am fairly new to this game. The other glitch I am having is with my pearl river 250's movers. i am having a problem switching them off / dimming them from the desk. The home postion is the brightness attribute to 100% The example I can give , and hopefully I can explain it ok is as follows. All the 4 movers are 100% brightness. I then want to bring them down to zero but the desk will not allow me. They just stay 100%. (yes I've tried shouting at the desk, this I have to report makes no difference) I have tried using the shutter channel. According to the manual, channels 0-9 are blackout but the lights remain on 100% - until I reach channel 10 and then the lights go into slow strobe as I would expect. I have tried reprogramming the fixture on the fixture editor with a brightness attribute of zero rather than 255 but still the problem remains once the lights are bouught up to full brightness. A real conundrum for me any ideas Andy
  11. thanks for the ideas guys I'll give them a try
  12. Morning Forum, Here's my next problem that hopefully someone can come up with an answer. I am trying to assign the abstract futurescan 1CE scanner to the desk and I am trying to run four of them. I have loaded the attribute data ok from floppy and have patched them in at channel 220. Again this is ok. I have plugged the scans in to the desk and their green light comes on to show it is receiving dmx ok. Now these scans have those damn infernal dipswitches which having done loads of research I have come to the conclusion that channel 220 dmx = switches 3,4,5,7,8 The scans just don't respond at all when I fixture select them. Has anyone any ideas what the problem maybe. I'm guessing its something really obvious but not to me !!!! :oops: I have also tried them by patching into channel 1 and having dipswitch no 1 selected with one scan and not a chain of four. Again no joy help / thoughts appreciated Andy
  13. First of all, this being my first real post on this esteemed forum, say thankyou for all the info contained on it. The posts have been really helpful as we have just taken delivery of our fat frog on friday and are currently trying to understand all the parameters. The advice has been top draw We are running the desk with 4 pearl rivers and 4 stairville 250's plus 20 par cans at our church. Here is the first of my conundrums. I programmed the desk in partial mode - selected my fixtures ok. Then programmed 4 memories just with my fixtures not generics 1- scene - all yellow wash 2 - scene - all red wash 3 - scene - all blue wash 4 - chase - various parameters I was able to work out the go function and snap function ok and scroll through the various mems all ok. Then while the chase on mem 4 was playing I selected the colour, gobo, and gobo rotation and changed the levels while the chase was in progress - again no probs it all changed. I then pressed "go" again, expecting to go back to mem 1 (the yellow wash) but the lights continued on the chase. Is this something to do with LTP and should I have done more at the initial programming stage. confused in Kent thanks again guys Andy
  14. dogcop

    Starting Out

    Still having a problem on the monitor display. If I make the PF monitor the active window on my PC monitor I cannot control any navigation of menus by using the arrows on my external keyboard. any ideas
  15. dogcop

    Starting Out

    When I get to that bit there is nothing in the fixture library on the phantom frog When I press the arrow keys on my key board nothing happens on the monitor screen :?: still confused
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