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  1. Hello everybody, we're a very small company in the very south of Germany. We started working for a band, which has a mambo frog. After only two or three hours of training with the Phantom Frog I allready feel quite comfortable with the desk. I think it's very intiutive. But now I have problem. I usally create serveral submasters, for different functions. One for colours, one for moving, one for gobo, usw.. This works fine. But now I want to create flash-functions on the SX-Buttons. For example we use 8 Robe Robin 600 Wash fixtures, which have a build-in random-strobe function. So I want to programm a button that flashes to the DMX value and when I release the button the old value is restored. Is this possible? It would be great if you guys out there could help me! Greetings Dominic

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