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  1. Pressing a button with right mouse button is the same as holding a button on 'normal' desk
  2. Be sure you have 10.x version of firmware
  3. hmmm... maybe there's a possibility to add a keyboard button that would quickly detag all fixtures and parameters (something like clear on avos).
  4. http://mega-pl.com/catalog/images/tiger_big.jpg Does zero88 produce Diablo to OEM market? (or buy it from the OEM market?)
  5. All are my opinnions: 1. yes, because hitting home should be the first thing when you start programming new stage look (I can't immagine other use of this button). When you want to write a letter you pick up a blank paper. Home function now works as if you took a page with useless text and used rubber to clear it and write sth new. 2. 100% but untaged (in the future). All those might be configurable from setup (eg. default brightness) I don't know what others think, but IMO it would make programming faster. That might be also a good solution
  6. Yes, but isn't it useless? You program eg. gobo with prism on position x1 y1. Then you want to program something else. You hit "home", then you have to detag all fixtures in order to program iris on position x2 y2. IMO "home" shouldn't tag changed parameters or even it should detag all. It would save a lot of time. Maybe the home button "tagability" function should be able to change in desk setup. Or maybe I think in the wrong way
  7. I don't know is it a bug, but pressing 'home' button in v10 firmware shouldn't tag all fixture parameter levels. Or is it designed that way? Marcin
  8. I know, but I just wanted to say that it is possible to make it with text mode graphics. Edit: IMO Mambo Frog is much nicer desk than Spark 4D although it is much cheaper.
  9. Split screens are available on Compulite range (also text graphics) and it works very nice. eg Spark 4D. As split screen I mean views displaying information about submasters, fixture channels and crossfader state at the same time.
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