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  1. Peter, thanks for all the time you're taking with me, I appreciate it. We have a keyboard and monitor hooked up and sometimes setup chases and use the procedure you described with having it automatically queue a non-sequential memory. We're trying to find a way to have more than the 400 memory limit. I thought that if we could save (as an example) 100 memories to a disk, then that would free up 100 blocks on the desk. If we ever wanted to reinstate those memories, then we could just pull them off the disk. I suppose I should just purge out the lesser used memories and cut my losses.
  2. Ok, that makes sense. Thank you! We use our Fat Frog at a church for worship services. We load memories and just keep building the library. We were hoping to be able to save specific memories to disk so that we still have a record of them, but we're not wasting desk memory. It sounds like that isn't possible. It was worth a shot to ask. Thanks so much!
  3. We have a Fat Frog board and are having a hard time saving memories to disk. All memories are setup as scenes and when the memories are saved, everything in the library is saved to the disk. Everything seems to be considered one show. What am I overlooking? Thanks so much, I appreciate any help!
  4. I'm not finding much information so I think I may have to start deleting, but is it possible to add memory to the Fat Frog so more than 400 Memories can be saved? Thanks so much!
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