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  1. Aloha! I'm in need of a Fixture File for Elation's DW Fresnel to load into our Orb. Here is a link to the DMX traits from the manufacturer: http://www.elationlighting.com/pdffiles/elation_dw_fresnel_dmx_traits_1.0.pdf I've just started programming on the Orb after about 5 years of running our Luau Show on a Frog 2. I'm venturing that this Orb is about as far from home as any and I'm totally loving it so far. Keep up the good work and Happy Holidays Mahalo, Warner
  2. Just got 4 elektralite ml601led fixtures and need the personality files to patch to my Frog 2. Where might I find this? Mahalo!
  3. Loaded the show I had on thumbdrive and so far it's kept. Still would like to know what Port 4, 10 and 11 relate too . Could these be the monitor ports? I'm using non-touchscreen monitors, a mouse and keyboard. Also waiting for more info in whom might help me in Hawaii and the closest place that I might send out old Mambo for repair.....
  4. As I was trying to say....... We probably have the Frog 2 that has wondered furthest from home. The luau reference should give you a hint that we're in Hawaii. On the island of Kauai to be exact. I've been hesitant to do any overwriting of cues as I'm still hopeful that the missing show file is still onboard the console and just not being accessed. When I tried to "Save Show" in hopes of recovering anything in memory, the file size that saved was only 116KB which I'm thinking is too small for the 4 x 100 scene Cue Stacks that were programmed. Now, if I change the onboard battery does tha
  5. Ok, So....... Do you think any files that were in the console are gone for good now? Unfortunately, there were Cue Stacks that I hadn't got around to saving to a stick yet. Any chance that the files may still be onboard and just not being accessed? Can you also enlighten us on What Ports 10, 4 and 11 relate too? Lastly, which and where can I find the appropriate software update(s) to get the console up to date? I'm really hoping that I can recover those missing files.............
  6. Hello again....... here are those pictures I mentioned:
  7. Aloha, We've been using a used Frog 2 here at our Luau show for about 7 months now and last night when one of our Techs was firing her up we got green lettered "WARN" indications during PORT searches for PORT's 10, 4 and 11 and also timeouts with the same. Then when the load screen closed, the cue stacks and patch info were gone! I'd changed the battery back when we acquired the console and began programming maybe a year ago? I'll try and attach some pictures I took of the load screen and the Desk Info. Mahalo in advance for the help........ Warner
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