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  1. Kurt

    Phantom Jester 4.1 Saved shows

    I can concur. I have the exact same problem. But only 'sometimes'. Using Windows 7 Ultimate 32bit. When I put several show files in the map where they are stored for Phantom Jester, Only one is found by Phantom Jester. However, when I fiddle around with the file names (renaming them, changing extension, etc, and then changing/renaming everything back to what it was), very very sometimes it does see more than one show file, but certainly not all show files and certainly not all the time. As a side note: update 4.1 for the Jester really screwed up my Jester 12/24 !!!
  2. Kurt

    Upgrading hardware

    Ok, will do. Thanks for the quick response. ------------------------------------------ EDIT: Just a heads-up (without reviving this thread): The USB not working problem was easily fixed. It turned out the USB-lead was plugged in on the wrong connector on the board. There are two identicial connectors on the board next to eachother. Switching the lead to the other connector fixed the USB problem. So, since then I can update the software, load/save shows, etc.... The other problem: DMX signal "leakage" (as I call it now) isn't fixed yet. But the panel is seldom used anymore anyways.
  3. Kurt

    Upgrading hardware

    Hi, Thanks for the answer. How do I proceed with this? I suspect I contact the distribution center here in Belgium (AEDdistribution.be)? And is it possible to make an estimated quote before I send in the desk (for 1. USB port fix and 2. hardware update)? Because, as said, if it costs too much I think I'm not going to do it and thus in that case I don't want to spend extra costs for sending in the desk without having it fixed. Quote can be send to the e-mail address specified in my forum profile (I assume admins/mods can access that). cheers
  4. Kurt

    Upgrading hardware

    Hi, We have a Jester 1224. The software version is 2.1 and I suspect the hardware version is R1. Since the Jester is already more than 5 years old, there is no garantuee anymore. Problem 1 (main problem): The USB port doesn't seem to work, so updating the software is not possible. When I plug in an USB light it doesn't light up (the light does work on a PC, so that isn't broken). And plugging in a USB stick does not light up the light on the stick either. What I like to do is to update the software, but also the hardware. Is this usefull, and more importantly cost effective? Because if the costs of updating the hardware is to high I wouldn't do it. In other words, how much would it usually cost to upgrade the hardware? And is this something I can do myself (installing a new PCB) or is this all done in the factory? Problem 2: Also, one of the upper channel faders seem to behave a bit strange. After a while, when you have faded one of the channels to zero or to max, the lights on stage flicker a very small bit; it's like they do not stay at the full 100% or 0%. But, I need to investigate this a bit more; I only noticed it during a play and didn't had the time yet to further check it out. (though there is no error when doing the self tests) I suspect a bad fader?

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