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  1. I did it on my show... Just do: CUE s/c THRU c COPY sc where S is stack, C is CUE and sc is STARTING CUE. It works perfectly.
  2. Hello , is it possible control the frog2 with wacom bamboo? are there any driver? Because if I plug in the mixer , it does nothing. See you soon. Thanks for reply by the way.
  3. O the last thing is: if I change the page on playback it change the page on UDF and its not normal.
  4. Hi all, I've used my Frog2 with a clean install 7.2.1 but when I click a function key like STACK on the command line I read STACK 3. So if I click a function key it clicks the 3 on numeric keypad automatically. I've installed the last software (7.3.0) but it is still bugged like the 7.2.1 Here's a photo so you can see the problem. at the last image you can see if I click UPDATE , it open the update windows but it write on command line "UPDATE, 6" so is it bugged??
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