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  1. Hi, sorry for the late response. I'm on friday in the theater again. Then I send the files. Thank you for the fast help Best regards Lars Henkes
  2. Hello, I have 2 problems with the actual software 7.6.0 on an Solution Desk. The first: If a memory start auto with realtime, the desk crashes at this time. The Log will I upload as soon I have it here. The second: When I want to update a Position Palette it does nothing. He Holds the old Values. The Head is on full in this memory. If I Update the Palette and the Memory, he record the new position in Memory, and lose the position palette in Memory.
  3. Thats the Point, I'm in tracking Mode. Thats was the first thing i've checked. In an older production with the old (7.3) software release there was no Problem.
  4. Hello, Yesterday we were programming a new Production. Actually it is not possible to Record a Position or an Effect in a Memory while the Heads are at Zero Intensity. The Heads Start Moving direct to the new Position and continue Moving after they go to Zero Intensity (Move on Dark). The Problem in this Case: The Heads move a Long Time and make noise without necessary. Normally I would program a Don’t Move Effect right before the Memory there they should do the Move Effect. But this doesn`t get Saved or executed, while the Heads at Zero Intensity. Is this so desired? Software: 7.4
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