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  1. This link takes you to a church in Austraila called Hillsong. I've followed there groath for many years. http://www.hillsong.com/church/worship/pro...Ministries=true Take a look thorough the gallery as well. This is the benchmark for the modern church still with all the christian values and belifes. I have a few of their DVD's and their worship services would put a lot of bands to shame lol! Also there is another called ALM here in Bradford at http://www.alm.org.uk
  2. Many thanks to K-Nine for setting this area up from a request I'd sent him. What with Stage Lighting becoming more popular in churches I felt the forum needed to give people like myself who look after the lighting a chance to disscus the different needs and ways that the many different areas of services, events and gigs can be approached. If you look after lighting in your or a church or have any ideas for us please post here.
  3. l8

    Beta Testers

    Many thanks! With us being in Cardiff and if you need to see a problem actualy happening you will be always welcome to visit us. I'm also popping into Stage Electrics today, I'll say hello to Laura for you.
  4. l8

    Beta Testers

    If you ask me nicely, it will be done L8 is asking nicely but we haven't got moving fixtures installed yet would this matter?
  5. I use a Fat Frog with a standard goose neck desk light fitted but this is'nt enough. When the light is fitted if the faders are at 0% the shadow hides the Channel number and the further down the desk you go the harder it is to see what is what. I know there is nothing that can be done for current owners like my self but would it be a good idea to make the Channel numbers and Submasters illuminated from behind in new builds?
  6. :idea: As a response to the need for an easier way to control the movements of Intelligent Light Fittings (Mac 250, 500, 2000 etc) so they could be used as a followspot etc I have started this poll to help discover if there is a demand for this as trying to do it via the control wheels on the Frog series is very difficult to accomplish. If you choose 'Other' please leave a reply stating what you have in mind.
  7. l8

    Crazy Keyboard

    Thankyou for the offerbut it's crazy season in church at the moment. If I can't fix it by the new year I'll give you a ring. Say hello to Laura for me.
  8. Am I right in saying if the chase is driven by sound/music say on Bass then this wouldn't matter.
  9. l8

    Crazy Keyboard

    Thanks I'll try a new Keyboard to see if it helps, strange though!
  10. l8

    Music link-up

    Does it matter if the jack is mono or stereo?
  11. l8


    :?: With the automatic version from Martin costing an arm and a leg the manual joystick would be fantastic! We use the Fat Frog in the City Temple Cardiff (Pentecostal Church) and our Pastor never keeps still so to keep from bleaching out all the other lighting effects and colour washes with white lighting floodingwhere he walks a profile (Mac 550, 500, 250 etc) controled by a joystick would be a God Send (no pun intended). What would the cost be to set one up???
  12. 8O About a month ago I upgraded to the latest O/S for my Fat Frog . Everything went fine until I went to name a memory with the keyboard. When I typed in the name of the memory what came out was not what I typred in, it looked like I had closed my eyes and typed any old thing, just a random group of letters numbers and all sorts came up. I've tryed looking to se if there is a country setting for the keyboard but found nothing! It was working fine until the upgrade. Can you help me as I rely on naming memmories, submasters and soon pallets?
  13. l8

    Pre-Heat Set-up?

    Stage Electrics and I currently have an issue with iLight over software problems as I understand I was one of the very first customers to have these dimmers installed, if not the first. So new were they, I'didn't even get a full manual just a few photocopied sheets. When they come out I will get them to answer this as well. Thanks.
  14. l8

    Pre-Heat Set-up?

    I have 3 Racks of iCAN SCI121OS for the stage and a Rack of iCAN SCH121OS for the House lights. The iCAN SCI121OS are the racks which would need the pre-heat on 3 channels.
  15. A good friend from Stage Electrics has suggested that I set-up a pre-heat of about 10% on a channel that I have 2 x 1K Parcans on. The channel is protected by a 10A MCB and when they are faded in from cold they trip out. Can this pre-heat be set on my Fat Frog? And if so, how do you do it? :?
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