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  1. Just to bring this to a conclusion, the console was not at fault. The problem lay within a powered USB hub that I was using with the desk. Although it had good reviews when I purchased it, subsequently people had a lot of issues with it. Using a passive hub brought no recurrence of the problem.
  2. I have sent this now. I would have done at the time but I didn't have access to USB C adaptor.
  3. It just did it again. This time I was in Faders and the console locked with the Z in a circle and a progress bar at about 60%. The first reboot failed and the second did produce an error message which I will forward tonight.
  4. Software 7.9.7 Co processor
  5. Hi Jon, No there wasn't a debug file offered. I have seen them before so I won't have missed it. I will check the desk later but I updated to the latest software just before I started on this show because I couldn't load the latest fixture file without it (?) I will check the information that you asked for when I get to the desk later today. If I try to reboot too early it just returns to the faulty state.
  6. Since installing the latest operating version on our FLX S48 it has been a really nice board to drive. However, on two occasions the desk has locked up with none of the buttons responding and the screen going blank. The external touch screen monitor does display the cues but does not respond. The only solution is to switch off for a full thirty seconds and then reboot. Anything less does not produce a clean reboot. Because the screen goes blank it is not possible to examine the event monitor before rebooting. Has anyone else had this little nasty? It has only happened so far while plotting.
  7. I do apologise as I know this has been covered before but I can't find the answer. S48 Desk. How do I copy a cue from a playback into the Master Playback please?
  8. Ok I solved it! I needed to do the OS upgrade from 4.0 to 4.1 first. The blank file then loaded and then the new library. Thanks for the info about the blank file. Thanks Edward
  9. This desk has always been a nightmare to update! I cleared the user files. I tried to load the blank file and got a wrong file type error. I am still getting the Failed 108 message at 95% Just to confirm I am loading gft38_ft.ift I once managed to pick up a rogue file from the website at one point in the past.
  10. I am trying to update the fixture library on my TLXtra from 36 to 38. The new library starts loading normally but just before completion 90% it fails with error code 108. Thoughts please?
  11. Sorry for the delay in replying. Thank you for your reply, I did work it out eventually, exhaustion, as so often happens meant that I wasn't thinking correctly. I was impressed by the desk, I had 28 fixtures varying from movers to geysers to a projector dowser. Once I got it all up and running it was a joy. Thanks again. Terry
  12. Just getting to grips with my first big show on the TLXtra after using an ML24. Apart from the buttons being in the 'wrong' place all is going reasonably well! I am learning this desk as I go but the problem I am having is that after controlling a dimmer channel using the key pad and wheel and then controlling the brightness of a fixture again with the wheel, the dimmer channel remains controlled as well. I can't work out how to make the controller forget the dimmer when I move to a fixture. Probably missing something obvious here, I usually am, but it would be a great help to know whe
  13. More. . . . As you would expect when trying to install the fixture update I went through all the possible fixes including resetting the desk and unplugging it and waiting for a minute or so before powering it up again. All to no avail, the error message recurred each time. This morning whilst waiting for the kettle to boil I powered up the desk and tried again. To my exasperation it worked. Same memory stick same everything. Frustrating isn't it?
  14. My ML24 is a nightmare when it comes to updating via USB. I am trying to update from V30 to V32. I am loading gft32_00.ift It starts loading and eventually it gets to 99% and then gives the error message 'Wrong File Type' My desk seems very picky about USB sticks and it is hard to find one it will talk to. I have tried reformatting them and being a Mac user I have tried using the DOS formatting available. Any thoughts please? Terry
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