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  1. First, I am located in Canada, which kinda sucks for support Trying to add fixture profiles, but sometimes the disk says, no disk, sometimes it says no fixture files. Format disk on desk, computer won't read, format disk on computer, desk says no disk. Figure this is a floppy drive issue, run out get a new (used) one, now no disk is seen at all, format will not work. Put old drive back in. BTW it is the Panasonic that was mentioned in other threads, that had issues. New problem. Now lights on bump buttons on channels 85-96 are lit. Bring up channel 86 or 37 and multiple channels all over the board raise up. No other sliders on those channels make any changes. Tried playing with the dip switches inside, thinking maybe I bumped the ones on the pc board, but to no avail. Although when I leave dip switch 2 up, it functions as board 3 i.e. raises channel 25, same as 25 would. I am off in 36 hours for a week of R & R with the family, and I have a big show the day after I get back, so this is a pretty big issue for me to get resolved. Any help, including a service manual, would be greatly appreciated. If I can can the board back to function normally, I can fudge my way through without having to use the fixtures.
  2. Since it's only been about 4 years since anyone posted in this thread, I figure it's my turn. I have a BullFrog desk, and am having nothing but issues with the disk drive. Yes it is the Panasonic one mentioned, so I went out and got another drive today, and it doesn't see anything. I try to format the disk and nothing. With the old drive I can format the disk, but then the computer doesn't see it. When I format on the computer, the desk keeps coming back and saying that there is no disk in the drive, or no .ift files or .cft files exist. I am using the latest system, and the latest fixture tools to create the new fixtures. I even use a disk that I know works, as I have used it before to add and update, but now it says there's no files on it. Heeelllppp. Thanks
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