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  1. As part of custom layout/UI, custom lock screens would be nice, but not essential.
  2. It didn't have sound earlier on YouTube, but was fine on Facebook an hour or so later.
  3. The Park video has no sound, tried on a couple of devices
  4. Sorry I haven't replied with an update on this, been a bit busy. I will try to set everything up soon and test, if this would still be of interest?
  5. Something quite minor I would like is the ability to set the background of the lock screen to be an image, such as a show image. It's not a vital thing, but I think it looks quite nice.
  6. Just after I updated to 7.9.5, I tried to use Artnetominator to check it. My FLX showed up in Artnetominator, and Artnetominator showed up as a node on the FLX. I couldn't see any levels though. I need to have a bit more of a play.
  7. Virtual dimmer adds an intensity (dimmer) channel for those fixtures that don't have a specific dimmer channel. This is useful if you want to dim certain colours etc.
  8. I reset my FLX to factory after my last show by updating to 7.9.2! But yes I now have to reload my fixtures.
  9. hi. I use a Jester 24/48 in a school, and one of the red fader tops has gone missing. Im not sure how/why, but it is really annoying as we need to have the faders for some people to use it. Where can I get a spare, and is there a pack available of spare bits? Cheers Chris
  10. is there any way of getting the pointer inserts for the fade time and speed dials? I somehow managed to lose one of the inserts, and would like to have a proper replacement. Are they available, and if so, how much? Chris
  11. would it be possible to have a feature that completely locks the desk so that if you dont have the code you cant do anything at all? Something like holding some button combinations, then typing in a code so that it cannot be used. Cheers Chris
  12. thanks for that. I wasn't thinking about the manual when doing that at about 10:30 pm on the last night of a school production. cheers Chris
  13. As i occasionly use the desk for some moving lights, i patch it so that pan is in a block, then tilt etc. to do this i have to repatch the desk. normally i dont use the ML on the desk, so ive got to go through and repatch to standard. is there a way of repatching the desk to standard without reseting the desk? Cheers Chris
  14. i have a suggestion for a feature that should be achievable in the software. when you type in memory names, i think that when you change the flash button you are using, it should put the letter next instead of writing over the current letter.
  15. I know there arent personality files on jester, but would i be able to control the lights by moving the sliders to certain levels? i will be trying for a school performance, and it would be good to get the open gobo/colour playing around. any help would be appreciated Cheers Chris
  16. i was wondering if there would be an offline editor for jester at any time? it would be very useful because then i could edit files on my USB drive. any knowledge would be appreciated.
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