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  1. Hi, i have an issue when using the submasters. First of all i'm working with the older version of the leapfrog48, the console which contains 12 faders in the submaster section. What I want to do : 1) Let's say I have programmed a show by using a led par on submaster 1-1. when I pull up the fader the chase has to start and when I pull down the fader I want the led par intensity to fade to 0. Now I'm able to program that chase and it works but when I pull down the fader the par intensity doesn't fade out but the chase just stops running. How do I have to configure the desk to fix this and what are the following steps I have to undertake? 2) I want to program the gobos of a moving head onto a submaster, but only the gobos. So when I am running a circle with a colour white for example, then I only want the gobo to be changed when I pull up the submaster. How do I have to do this? 3) This is my biggest problem actually. I want to run different submasters at one time. What are the steps i have to do to program in a right way? I uses to program in full program mode and then I have to select the fixtures. I press the buttons until the yellow leds keep burning, but when I want to program a next memory some of the fixture leds start burning again. I don't think i'm doing it in the right way. Do i have to put the desk in full mode or partial mode and so on..? I'm new into programming and I can't fix these problems for 100 % .. and the manual doesn't help me. Thanks in advance.

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