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  1. Hello, I was running a leap frog 48 (all up to date) last Wednesday-Friday at a trade show so trying to look good by having the desk hidden and just connecting using either my iPhone or ipad. they would both briefly connect then it would say that connection fail, nothing had changed and i tried resetting everything but it just happened again. Anyone with any ideas? Ben
  2. Jon, Any chance you are going to ever support/ offer this?
  3. As someone who sells the products the TL Xtra goes really well into schools and is a nice cross into bigger and better things, but personally i still prefer the Solution over this as it is a lot more intuitive desk to work with when programming, if you have the budget for the Orb though, go there of course!
  4. Thanks Jon. Please find the Legend that I have just done as well Legend 412.ift
  5. Hello, Just seeing if anyone has made the profiles for the CHAUVET Q Wash 560z-LED LINK Q Wash 260-LED LINK Legend 412 LINK I know how to make the fixture profiles but I don't have the lights yet to test them and of course I am taking them on a demo on Tuesday (the day I get the lights) which courses slight time issues. Thanks Ben
  6. Hi, I am trying to make a new fixture for my desks and i have come up against something i have never come up against before. I have made 15-20 profiles before so i get the basics and tweaking details but i have now come up against a problem with MSB/LSB issues, i am trying to make a profile for the Robe Robin 300 LEDWash which is fine. The problem I'm having is I have put in Pan first then gone on to try and input fine pan with the Fine being 16 bit, i input this and it then comes up asking me for the MSB LSB channel values, i don't really understand what to do for this! i know the M
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