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  1. Thanks for all your help getting this sorted, the customer service is excellent at Jester.
  2. Sorry if this has been posted before but I could not find it. I also nearly got to the bottom of this last week phoning Jester (Very helpful people, I just ran out of time at work and had to leave, customer service is second to none there) so I thought I would try using the forums instead so I don't run out of time trying to fix this problem. I will start off by stating that I am a noob. Treat me with kid gloves please. We have 8 lights installed by Photon with a Zero 88 light controller. Reading the manuel I am attempting to to a "2 Preset Operation" I am in "Preset Mode" Flash Mode "off" Fade " Snap" Page A set to 1-24 Page B set to 1-24 All preset A faders are down and set to 0 All preset B faders are down and set to 0 I set my Grand Master fader up to full I then set my A Master Preset up to full. At this point one of my lights (Number 4) turns on. Mechcanically all the settings are the same, all the switches are set in the right pace. I know this should not be happening but I have no idea how to stop it. Phoned photon they agreed Phoned Jester .... Then I ran out of time so hopefully I can get to the bottom it here. Any ideas? Will provide as much information as you need to help get this fixed!
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