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  1. Thanks dwh, I thought it'd probably be something simple like that, rclites, I'll take your advice and make up a few, you're right about it being a show-stopper.
  2. Hey everyone. I have this Martin CX-2 and I want to connect it to my Fat Frog. But it has a 3-pin DMX connector, now, my Fat Frog only has connections for 5-pinners. How would I go about connecting it for DMX control? :?
  3. I have a FatFrog without the VGA monitor output and I'm not quite ready to spend the (rather large) amount of money for an upgrade. Anyone have any tips for me to make life somewhat easier (I know how much easier the monitor makes things) for programming without it?
  4. Ok, I'll look into that. Thanks.
  5. I was playing a chase through Playback X one evening and I wanted to pause it while someone was speaking. I pressed the pause button, but it continued running. No submasters were active and the only thing outputting anything was the memory that was playing (the chase). Any particular reason for this?
  6. Thanks K-Nine, I'll check there. I have read a few of the other threads regarding churches and I was wondering if anyone could advise me on the best way to use these lights for best effect. We currently have 3 bars, 2 over our stage and 1 FoH over the audience. Each of these is about 7m long and we use these for our parcans and our 2 Ellipsoidals. We can position the moving lights anywhere in the auditorium and we have a black curtain around the back of the stage. It's rather a large area to light (seats 600 people max) and we have plenty of power to run it all. The pars are run off a phase 3 dimmer with 12 channels (currently 1 through 4 and 9 through 12 are used) corresponding to the first 12 generics on our desk.
  7. We have had our beloved Fat Frog in our church for a while and about 3 months ago, we decided to start "Feeding" him. So far, we have 14 Parcans and 2 Ellipsoidals. We're building on what we have and are about to buy a package that includes: 4x Shiva -200/2502x Martin CX2 2x Geni 75w Strobes 2x Geni AF900L Foggers w/ controllers 1x Martin 2518 DMX controller (we'll use our fatfrog instead of course) 1x Full set of DMX cables for entire system 1x Full set of Orange 10 Amp Power cables for system 4x MEC 2m square Truss and base plates Along with cases for all of the equipment and a trailer. I really just want to make sure that all of the lights (and foggers if possible) will work with the Fatfrog and how the best way to set them up would be.
  8. Oops, sorry. :oops: Thanks again for your patience.
  9. Thanks once again Paul, your responses to both my questions have been very helpful. I'll definitely consider purchasing this upgrade. Could you advise me on the closest retailer to the Gold Coast (Queensland, Australia)? This desk was here when I arrived so I'm not sure who sold it to us. -Dan.
  10. Thanks a heap, I knew about the two steps, but I wanted to clear it up before going on to any more complex chases. Thanks again, -Dan.
  11. Hey all, today I finally got a monitor to connect to my fatfrog, but it seems my monitor connection is nonexistent. Where is the location of it and is it included on the fatfrog at all? Serial number (if it can help) is 0073301 xxxxxxxx. Thanks, -Dan. Moderation: serial number removed from public forum. Could be of use to ebay fraudsters etc. Serial numbers are best only communicated by PM or email.
  12. What I really want to do though, is make a chase where my red lights on preset channel 3 stay on and my blue lights on channel 4 flash on and off at 1 second intervals. When I program the first step of the chase, I program it with channel 3 at 10 (the slider position) then I press insert to insert a new step (is this right? I think this is where I mucked up) and leave the channel 3 slider at 10 and move the channel 4 slider to 10. I press program, a new one comes up. I move my blue slider to 0, but it doesn't change the level, it's still at 100% in the chase step. Any help would be appreciated.
  13. Thanks K-Nine, my problem now is that when I hold down the Mem. Type button, it doesn't change from "scene" to "chase". Also, do I have to assign Preset channels to fixtures or can I use Preset channels? EDIT: Don't worry, fixed it, it only worked after a desk reset though... :?
  14. Hey everyone, I have the FatFrog set up and I can use the preset faders, flash, solo and crossfade controls. Is there any way I can do more complex shows without investing in dynamic lighting fixtures? I'm thinking things like preprogrammed flashing of channels, things like that (I gave the flash button on one of the channels a hammering a few nights ago, can't be too good for it :oops: ). There's got to be a better way to do this (my fingers were numb after pressing it about 100 times a minute), if so, could someone walk me through it? I find the manual to be a bit obscure in how it explains some things. Another question: How do the fixtures work? Do you plug an external dimmer box with some form of lighting control into the desk or are the fixtures plugged directly into the back of the desk via DMX?
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