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  1. I have a problem like this. Turned on the board, starts to load, gets to "loading please wait" and stays there. I have tried restarting, restarting with nothing but power pluged in, unplugging the power supply, plus some other crazy things. Still not starting up. I am not sure the version number but I do know it is not updated (been about a year). Can someone help asap? Thanks.
  2. Thanks for getting this so fast. You guys are great.
  3. There is another Eleation fixture coming out. A follow-up to the Design Spot 250. The Design Spot 575e. I have one here today (a prototype, I guess) I really like the fixture. Can a profile be created for it for me? I attached the DMX guide. The last time I created a profile it took a long time and I goofed it up. Thanks, Karl
  4. Thanks. I will try it out and let you know. Here are the channels for 10 Channel Mode: 1 - Pan 8bit 2 - Tilt 8bit 3 - Speed pan/tilt movement 4 - Rainbow 5 - Red 6 - Green 7 - Blue 8 - reset, internal programs 9 - strobe 10 - Dimming Thanks again.
  5. I tried to make a profile using the editor. Can you look it over and see if I did it right? This is the first time I've tried to do this, and if it works, then maybe it will save you some time. I didn't want to put it in the board until I know it is right. With my luck it would mess something else up. If it is not, can you use it to know the channel attributes? This is built on the 12 channel mode (default), there is a 10 with only 2 channels of pan and tilt. Thanks for your time. Karl
  6. Is there a profile for the Elation Design LED 36MH for the BullFrog yet? I know the lights are new. We just got 6 of them today. Thanks Karl
  7. Does anyone know if the ELOTouch 1715's work with the Frog 2? We are buying one for our new building and these are the monitors on the bid. Thanks, Karl
  8. In the fixture library, the CMY250 zooms are set up as a 10 channel fixture. They are actually 11 channels, the 11th a control channel. In that control is the lampstrike option. I tried to edit the fixture profile, but could not. Any suggestions?
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