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  1. Cracking - If anyone else has any helpful hints, tips or general links to getting my head round all the terminology and whatnot that'd be grand... Thanks again everyone. Cheers, Jim
  2. Thanks a million guys....so far everything that has said has been of great help! The power bank things that I've got (again, complete novice here) are actually huuuuge great metal cabinets but I presume the 'start address' thing still applies. Perhaps before starting, it would be wise for me to do a complete reset of the desk, as it's been properly messed about with by all and sundry, trying to get it to work... Thanks again, Jim
  3. Sorry...really showing what a plank I am here... Dimmer? The desk connects via the DMX connector which then heads down the stage where the power banks for all the lights are. Is the dimmer built into those? Again, sorry to sound like such a tart Cheers, Jim
  4. Hi everyone! Boy am I glad I found this place! Please help, I have NEVER used lighting stuff before but have been asked to use a setup that involves a Fat Frog controlling a number of ceiling-mounted par cans via a DMX system for a basic lighting accompanyment to a show. What we need to be able to do is to very simply have each of the lights available on a fader and be able to bring it up/fade it down or punch it off or on by button. How easy is this and how do I go about it? I've tried to read the manual, but it's making my head spin as I simply don't get the terminology! Please keep it simple, but if someone could help me with this, I'd be sooo pleased! Thanks again for all your help, Jim
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