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  1. You could use the page up and page down keys to scroll through options for each field
  2. Is it possible to map the submaster flash buttons, or possibly the num pad on a keyboard to enable the ability to input numeric data into fields (e.g. Fade times, dwell, etc)
  3. I see your point about it being logical from the POV of the keys on the desk relating to the keyboard keys. However, is it then possible to design a release of the software to not mimic the keys on the actual desk, but so that the keys on the desk work as normal, but when a monitor and keyboard is plugged in the keys on just the keyboard work in relation to the monitor screen. Sorry for being awkward
  4. Whilst a keyboard is plugged into the desk the directional keys can be used to navigate the options on-screen. Unfortunatly the direction of the keys does not match the direction on the screen. Is it possible to remap the keys so that when you press a direction key it goes the same direction of the screen? i.e.... The down arrow scrolls down the screen to the next cue. The up arrow scrolls to the previous cue on-screen. The left arrow goes left on-screen (across the cue settings) The right arrow goes right on-screen (across the cue settings) Only a little thing, but i think the des
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